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Mirror Tale

By Kelly-Ann Conneely


This film tackles the issue of social networking with it especially focusing on the isolation that can occur as a result of it. This story may relate to anyone that uses this form of communication and is aware of the avenue it provides for personal expression.

She's image conscious and has the perfect pout. A selfie can say it all but this girl's online presence interferes with reality.


Jane, the latest version of an 'It' girl has got it going on. She's young, fashion conscious and goes to immense efforts to keep it up.

She's a socializing addict. She is attentive to her adoring fans.
She can turn heads at computer screens but her virtual persona has begun to blur with reality.


Wax Seal Productions are film students in DkIT and we are very excited about making 'Mirror Tale'.The team consists of Dilman Ahmedi, journalist/photographer, Darren Moynagh, photographer/dancer, Joy Mc Keown, actor, Ciara Davis, writer and producer and Kelly-Ann Conneely, wardrobe director/stage manager.

In this production of 'Mirror Tale' our roles are as follows:

Dilman Ahmedi Cinematographer

Darren Moynagh Sound Design

Joy McKeon Production Design

Ciara Davis Writer and Producer

Kelly-Ann Conneely Writer and Director

At the moment, we need a little bit of help to see this film reach its best and highest production value.

The budget has been carefully thought out and the majority of the costs will go on lighting, lenses, transport and location.

Any contribution to the funding of this short film is very much appreciated. It will us help us to realise this dream and get this film produced. We feel the audience for this will be international as well as appealing to an Irish audience. We intend on sending it to many film festivals both Irish and abroad.



Mirror tale

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mirror-Tale/351064731698145?fref=ts Please like our promotional page to keep up to date with the production process

Emma Eliza Regan as Jane

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emma-Eliza-Regan/488479591174832?fref=ts http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2833806/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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