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Misunderstood Medicine 2 Back to Nature

By Paul Harney


In 1997 my Father passed away and left me somewhat confused and alone. My mother has always been a great influence in my life and this made me the compassionate person I have become today. Travelling and living abroad opened my eyes to different aspects of life. Many people need help, they are stressed, anxious, worried and sometimes ill. Our modern lives are becoming more difficult, so with this in mind, we need help. In 2015 I decided to set up The People Who Care, who are a collective of like-minded people who want to help others where most will not. We try to bring passion to life, using visuals, testimonials and real life stories. We all deserve better, our health is important. Back to Nature will unravel this road less travelled visiting 3 key centres across Europe extracting the knowledge & laying it out in story format creating an informative feature. We are a not for profit group, a collection of artists and like-minded individuals with a passion for what we do. We believe in this project and need your help to get it completed.

There is no disputing the detrimental health effects arising out of the modern lifestyle. Demanding work environments, increased stress & easily accessible processed food have combined in the most devastating manner. As consumers we are exposed to a vast array of products that are having adverse effects on our health.
The way back is not complicated & by engaging in basic gardening, cooking, food prep & most importantly an awareness of the medicines we ingest we can change our lives for the better.

Preview Trailer Back to Nature


Equip Rental, Camera Op, General Assistant, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Translation & Subtitles, Sound Op.

Paul Harney is the Cameraman, Co-Director, Editor - 10 years experience. Client list includes Google & Dublin Bus.
Dave Ward - Producer/Co-Director, Creator of The People Who Care platform and Misunderstood Medicine (original documentary)
Motion Graphics - TBC Pending Funding

Shane Quinn - Production Assistant   

Sound - MiCrew 

Translation and Subtitles - Pending Funding
General Production Assistant
Zoro - Soundtrack & Score 



Travel Accommodation - 3000

Equipment - 1000

Motion Graphics - 1000

Video Editing - 1500 

Social Media Campaign & DVD Production - 600

Sundries - 500

Subtitling - 750 

Translation - 650 


The risks of not completing the project are minimal (barring ill health) the Project will be completed.

The project had some sponsors to begin with who helped with some of the production expenses along with support from close friends and family but alas we have exhausted these avenues and feel obliged to all featured and involved to complete this educational piece and allow people to make helpful connections based on the finished documentary.

We would like to thank everybody who supported to this project. Its by sharing knowledge online that we can learn to create a better future for ourselves & loved ones and you have helped create something that we hope will help.



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