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Monica Loughman Ballet

By Monica Loughman Ballet


I am collaborating with famous Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick and renowned Irish composer Patrick Cassidy towards a work-in-progress for a new Irish main-scale ballet, Children of Lir.

Jim created the iconic Che Guevara two-tone image that you have probably seen but he is most well known for his incredible celtic art and the many books he has created.

Patrick Cassidy's seminal symphonic work was the album Children of Lir which topped the Irish Classical charts for over a year. His credits include Superman, Hannibal, Veronica Guerin, Confessions of a Burning Man, Salem’s Lot, King Arthur, Layer Cake, Che Guevara, Ashes and Snow, Kingdom of Heaven, The Front Line, L'Aviatore and The Irishman.

As for me, I performed with the Tchaikovsky Perm State Ballet for ten years, five of which as principal. For the past ten years I have been developing ballet in Ireland with my company performing to over 20,000 people last year.

This project is something that I have been planning for many years. Last September at the National Concert Hall I showcased a two-minute-thirty piece set to Patrick's track Grave, which was also streamed online and watched by 36,000 people worldwide.

To give you an idea of the scale of this project, it is hoped that it will become part of the classical repertoire of Ballet Theatres worldwide. The Children of Lir is the most ancient swan folklore which tells the story of King Lir's second wife transforming his children into Swans for 900 years. The curse is only broken when Lairgnéan of Connaught, Prince of the North, and Deoch daughter of the king of Munster, Princess of the South, marry and this is where we interpret that the curse was transferred to the parents of Swan Lake's Siegfried.

At the end of May, I am taking my full-time ballet academy students to St Petersberg to train with dancers of the Mikhailovsky Theatre for ten days. During this time, I want to create a Pas de Deux with professional dancers from the theatre bringing them back to Dublin for a showcase.

This work-in-progress presentation will be thirty minutes in length and performed in the Draiocht Theatre, Blanchardstown, Dublin on June 16th. It is a private event and by invitation only. The performance will feature the music of Patrick Cassidy and the artwork of Jim Fitzpatrick in an intimate theatre setting. Guests will enjoy wine and have the opportunity to meet the dancers. As you will see in the rewards there is also an extraordinary opportunity for some to immerse themselves in the ballet life of St Petersberg for three or five days and be part of the creation of the work in Russia.

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to be in touch.

Company administrator: anna@ballerina.ie
Children of Lir: YouTube

I am really delighted to use the Fund it platform as a way of allowing others to become involved in this project and I hope to welcome you at the Draiocht on June 16th.



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