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Mothers Nature

By Sinéad Silva


Four women, four temperaments, four very different experiences of pregnancy and motherhood. How does our personal nature affect how we experience life and change?

Truthful and emotive, Mothers Nature invites you into the lives and minds of four very different women. Each embodies one of the classic temperaments: Melancholic (sad), Choleric (angry), Phlegmatic (calm), Sanguine (happy). An older mother, a younger mother, planned and unplanned motherhood, their experiences are transformative, and they are ready to be heard.


We hope to run the show from October 11-13 in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.

Currently we have no outside funding so we are looking to you to help make this happen!

Theatre is an expensive business and basic costs are too high for us to cover ourselves. Your money will go towards:

  • Theatre Venue Deposit €700
  • Liability Insurance €480
  • Lighting Designer/Technician €200
  • Promotion and printing costs €200
  • Set and props €100
  • Fund it 8% commission €144


Writer/Performer Sinéad is a mammy to two young boys and a new voice in Irish theatre. She studied Advanced Performance Year at the Gaiety School of Acting and has written and devised plays with DYT and An Cumann Drámaíochta UCD. Her writing style is funny, authentic, and timely.

Director Kate has a background in Film Studies and an interest in production design for theatre and film. She has studied screenwriting with Mary Kate O’Flanagan and has worked as a story consultant with An Pointe Productions and Out of Orbit.


Our main challenges in producing this work are funding and getting the word out. Two things we hope you can help with!

Thanks a mil for reading about our show. Now dig as deep as the pockets will allow and brag to your friends about being a patron of the arts!

Go raibh maith agaibh go léir!