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Danica Holland - Single/Career Launch

By S.J O Mahony


This Fund it project is a jump start for my solo music career, including covering costs for the production, recording, mixing and mastering of my debut single 'Love Games', shooting a professional video for that song, leading to the production and release of further singles, an EP and hopefully more videos.

Last year I got to the final stages of the Voice of Ireland television series, and also took part in Xfactor UK. These were fantastic opportunities that taught me many things and gave me a taste of both the fun and work involved in being a professional musician, and I definitely knew I wanted to give a career in music my best shot.

However, after those shows finished, I decided to do things slightly differently and returned home to begin work on writing and developing my own music with producer Brian Casey in his studio, Wavefield Recordings in the following months.

Now I have a debut single of which I am extremely proud, as well as more original material in the pipeline. However, as an independent artist in 2015, simply having the songs just isn't enough.

I'm hoping you will support this project to kick start my career in a way I could never do on my own. In exchange, I will share my music with you before everybody else, provide you with exclusive musical and artistic rewards, and I'll even bake for you if you so choose.

Every cent, every share on social media and every drop of enthusiasm is so important to me and I look forward to sharing the excitement of creating something totally new and independent with you all.



7 days to go!

Omg, the past few weeks have been an emtional rollercoaster for me! The generosity of everyone has been totally overwhelming and I can't say thank you enough to those who've supported me and believed in this project! We're almost there - I'm having a meeting next week fingers crossed to go through video ideas and I can't wait. This one last push might get us to the line and hit the mark soo if you know of anyone that would like to pre-order my first song or would like a signed copy of the single - please please send them this way! Lots of love xx

Eeeek! We're getting there everyone! :)

Thanks so so much to everyone that has helped down so far!! Trying to sort through some amazing video ideas at the moment - something I would never have been able to do with out all of you! We're getting there - spread to word to anyone you know that would like to be a part of making this happen! Can't wait to share my music with you all

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