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My first solo show: Aesthetic Distance

By Vera Ryklova Visual Artist


I'm so excited to finally present my work in a solo exhibition!

And I'd like to reach out for your support in finalising this project!


Who Am I?

I'm Vera, an emerging visual artist, living in Dublin.

Aesthetic Distance is a body of work I completed in 2015. Continuing with my interest in self-portraiture, exploring the linking factors between a photographic act and an emotional discharge, I pursued the idea of using creative process for confronting the state of longing and frustration I found myself in at that particular time of my life and in doing so to achieve a state of catharsis. The key concept was in the process of making! I used my camera to distance from my distress, to liberate the emotions while coming to terms with it. The work was mainly created following my spontaneity and intuition and it was truly cathartic!

Few individual images were independently featured in a number of prestigious group exhibitions, where I won an art prize, one is included in Art Collection of Trinity College Dublin.

Now, finally, I’ll introduce this project as a whole in a solo exhibition. 9 large scale photographic images at Triskel Arts Centre in Cork. December 6th – January 28th. 

The breakthrough I was waiting for!



How Can You Support?

There is more involved in creating my work than fine art printing/framing, but this is the most expensive part. To produce a solo exhibition is a bigger financial strain than showing an image in a group show. That is why I look for your support.

You can bring Aesthetic Distance to its final stage by collecting/buying my artwork. I also have other rewards available for you if your wallspace is limited, please, do take a look!

I need to secure additional funds to mainly pay for printing and framing. Although I'll use the art prize I won, it'll only cover some of what needs to be paid for.

I've already covered the cost of a digital lab hire (scanning film negatives), and I'll have other cost: curator's fee, which I'll happily pay from my €500 artist fee I'll receive at the end of my exhibition. 



Please note: this is 'all or nothing' crowdfunding campaign, if I don't make my target I won't get any of the funds. My promise: If I overreach my target, I'll use the money for covering the printing cost, investing my art prize rather in developing my new projects I'm currently working on.



What Your Pledges Mean To Me

Yes, my work gradually receives recognition, but I’ve not yet established a solid source of income obtained through my practice to support it fully. I’m not discouraged by this reality at all, but I desire to keep emerging as an artist in a manner that respects my work. Engaging with my art practice is very fulfilling for me and I hope I'll find new audience here that would too like to engage with my work. 







Project Update #6

Aesthetic Distance officially launched last night

I would love to thank you all again for supporting this project in its final stage!

The installation of the show has proved slightly challenging as, unfortunately, the transportation of my work caused some damage to three frames, but thanks to an instant action of the framing company I have worked with on this project and to a great assistance of Triskel’s gallery technician I managed to get the show ready without any trace of imperfection. And the more I enjoyed the opening night! It was not necessarily a busy time, which gave me the space to have quite open conversations with the people who came. The show was launched by Claire Ryan, who is a photographer and also works as a learning and project manager at Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh. We both graduated from the same course, Claire was only a year before me – it was lovely to reconnect. It was a very pleasent night with the feel ing of honour.

Thank you!


I do not want reveal much yet, as I think and hope that you will come to see with your own eyes what you got yourself into ..

'a snap' by Gerry Blake





Project Update #5

Ready to go to Triskel

All 9 final images are printed, dry mounted on an archival mounting board, signed on the back. Today they all got in their frames too. Tomorrow leaving Dublin for Cork, arriving on Monday at Triskel Arts Centre, where then I’ll start installing the show.

I will be in touch soon,


final print 75x75 cm (cut to the size 78x78cm)

the etxture of the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta paper  

resting after dry mounting

detail pic of the dry-mount

signing the prints, an intense concentration - do not misspell or mixed up the titles !

Project Update #4


I am so pleased I have reached my target and so grateful to all of you for making this happen!

It’s been such an experience! Running this for very first time, I have learned a lot, especially about the human aspect of the process. I have been treated with a lovely response that ended this thriller with a very pleasant kill!

And I very much look forward to fulfilling the rewards you deserve!

My very best to you all,


P.S. I will definitely keep you posted on my first solo show: Aesthetic Distance until it's over in January 28th.

Project Update #3

85% funded

I watch this thriller from its beginning and it is keeping me thrilled indeed! I hope I will kill it that it will not kill me!

I have 15% left to raise and 4 days to go. I would love to make it! To get to the (not too far) 100% end.


To spread the word to your friends, acquaintances, followers...

I hope to reach out to those that are outside of my pool, to those that I do not know about and they do not know about me, but they may like what I do, they may like to support it too, but they need to be poked. Could you be that finger, please?!

Truly, it is not your responsibility that I will reach my goal. It is the generosity of your help that will get me there. And that is the thrilling beauty of this experience.

Thank you!


a table of test prints

Project Update #2

Ready for printing

After four sessions of test printing, tomorrow, printing of the final prints will begin. I have chosen 315 gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta paper. I like its slight texture and that it is less glosy. More importantly this photographic paper is age resistant so excellent archival properties to the print are quaranteed.


I'd like to show you my model of the venue, a great visualising aid I've made! It has helped a lot with decission making during the curatorial process. The 'show' you see here in the picture it is not the show you will see in the Triskel Gallery Space. Surely I cannot spoil the experience of the real thing for you! 

I will be in touch soon,






Project Update #1

57% over 3 days

I am completely wowed by how this is going!

It has been like watching a thriller - finding, each time I checked my project status, that the arrow has moved forward.

Thank you! To all of you've pledged so far! It is uplifting witnessing such support .. from my friends, acquaintances and even people I do not know (yet). 

I'd like to give a little bit extra for your extra:

Behind the scenes of making video for fund:it (which were the hardest moments I ever got myself into when alone with my camera)

Thank you again!


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