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New CD: "Cuz" - A Tribute to Cuz Teahan

By Niamh Ni Charra


I am a musician from Killarney Co. Kerry, and have been playing music since I was 4 years old. I have been touring professionally as a fiddler, concertina player and Irish singer under my own name since 2007 and previously with Riverdance for 8 years. I have recorded with The Chieftains, and Carlos Núñez among others and have performed for several members of European royalty and a few presidents to boot! This year I was named Female Musician of the Year by Live Ireland.

In 1928 Kerry musician and composer Terry "Cuz" Teahan emigrated to Chicago where he lived and continued to play and pass on tunes, until his death in 1989. Prior to leaving Ireland he had been taught music by the Sliabh Luachra legend Padraig O Keeffe, and he was responsible for many Irish American musicians learning this style of music, the repertoire of this area, and many of his own compositions. In fact many local tunes would have been lost were it not for Cuz. On his last visit home before he died he saw me play (I was VERY young!) and on his return to Chicago he made a tape for me of his own tunes as well as some of these old tunes that had been forgotten. That tape is now 25 years old and a prized possession but I feel it should also be shared. Therefore for my fourth album I'd like to make a tribute to him, playing his compositions that he often never got credit for, along with a sample of the old tunes he helped preserve. This is being carried out with the full backing and delight of his family, and to make the album extra special I have invited many well known guest musicians from both Kerry and Chicago to join me, all of whom knew and were influenced by Cuz. This is a celebration of the traditional music style of Sliabh Luachra and the wonderful character that was "Cuz" Teahan. Guest musicians include Seamus Begley, Liz Carroll, Jimmy Keane and Donal Murphy.

I have put aside a large amount in savings to help with the recording and due to the special nature of the album, am also receiving some funding from the arts council. However I will need a further €4000 to help finish it off, and get it printed. And that is where you come in! I would be very grateful if you could all help make this wonderful project happen, one which will never see the sales numbers of the likes of Justin Bieber (!), but one which is very special and dear to me, and a hugely important part of not just the Irish culture, but the Irish - American culture.

Footnote: Terry got the nickname "Cuz" because of all the newly landed Irish emigrants he helped get work in Chicago. He would tell them where to go and who to see, and he would instruct them to say "Tell them you're a cousin of mine"!



A new album on the horizon!

Dear funders,

I am contacting all you wonderful people because just under eight years ago, you helped fund my last album "Cuz". With your help this album was recorded and released and went on to received much criticial and public acclaim. A lot has happened in the interim and so firstly I hope this message finds you and yours as well as can be expected in these strange times.

Secondly I wanted to let you all know that I have just launched a new campaign you may also be interested in which seeks to raise much needed funds to complete my next album "Donnelly's Arm". It came as a bit of a shock to realise how much time had passed since my last release in March 2013. I needed new material with which to get bookings and so I found myself in the middle of this new project when the pandemic hit. 

My colleagues and I persevered and now have a wonderful album recorded. However due to the precautions we needed to take to protect the health of the musicians and engineers on the project, and due to travel restrictions, costs undertandably increased. This is where you all come in. We have a great album already recorded that just needs a final injection of funds to see it mixed, mastered and printed so we can share it with you all, and the world.

If you are interested in supporting this project, in supporting independent music during very trying times, and in helping to keep the Arts alive, please check out my campaign here.

here: https://fundit.ie/project/donnellys-arm-album

Míle buíochas / Many thanks


It's ready and waiting!

Hi folks, I am writing this all the way from Wuxi, China where I am finishing off a wonderful tour with the Riverdance gang. It has been a fabulous experience to return to this world which I had been immersed in full-time until 2006, especially since it involved the additional role of Musical Director, but I have to confess I am now eager to return to Ireland where my new album awaits. Yes it is official - the album is finally finished! I was sent a copy last week as I couldn't wait until I got home, and I have to admit I'm very pleased and excited. I will be finishing up this tour in Shanghai and returning to Ireland on the 17th. Once there I will be feeling very much like Santa Claus, packaging up all the rewards which you will be receiving for helping me get this album off the ground. Over the coming few days I will be contacting you all individually to request postal addresses, and to confirm the rewards chosen, so keep an eye out for the email. In the meantime, stay safe and keep supporting indy music :-) slán tamall (bye for now) Niamh

"Cuz" album nearly finished

Hi All, Firstly a very happy New Year to you all. Hope the holiday season was spent happily with family and friends, and the new year brings many more good times. I am currently on tour with a lovely bunch of musicians, dancers and crew, all the way over in China, where I will be until mid February, but the album is being worked on while I'm away. November and December were spent finalising the mix, checking the master, and then having the wonderful job of proofing the design, which I have to admit I'm thrilled with. Designed by Brian Hanlon of OgMedia, it features a piece of embroidery specially commissioned for the album with "Cuz" on it. Cuz was himself a keen embroiderer. It also includes several photos of Cuz along with all the fabulous musicians involved, and an extensive set of notes to go with what I hope you will decide is a great CD. The latest news is that it is at the printers, where it is hot off the presses and being packed into boxes as I type. Over the coming days it will dispatched to my home in Ireland where I will find it on my return. Those of you that will be getting the album as part of your award, can expect to hear from me very soon looking for addresses, and they will be sent out to you in February when I get home. The album will be officially launched in Ireland in late April, with other territories to follow. Looking forward to sending you your advance copies and to hopefully meeting you all on the road at some stage in 2013. Thanks again for all the support. Le grá (with love) Niamh

Album funded!

Thanks to all of you wonderful contributors, my fund it target has been reached, and I can now get on with the wonderful task at hand. It's well on the way, but lots more to do yet. September was spent recording the bulk of the album, and it has gone remarkably smoothly. The first tracks to be recorded were with the one and only Séamus Begley, and Donogh Hennessy, and we recorded this in Donogh's studio in Dingle, prior to Séamus heading off on tour to America. Donal Murphy and Tommy O Sullivan kicked off proceedings in the main studio to be used, Tony O' Flaherty's place in Killarney, and we have a lovely set of slides and polkas from them. My former teacher Nicky McAuliffe and his lovely wife Anne were next, and it was such a pleasure to have these two recording. They have taught generations of musicians all over Kerry, over several decades, but have rarely made recordings of any type so this was really special. Files were sent to Chicago where an old friend of Cuz's, Jimmy Keane, added to a couple of tracks, and another Chicago musician Liz Carroll recorded her contribution while in Ireland on tour. My own band members all dropped in and added their wonderful talents to the mix, and now the recording part of the process is almost at a close. The final musician to record is none other than Dr. Mick Moloney, who will be recording his contribution in Philadelphia this week. As you can see, the logistics of this album have been fun to say the least, with so many musicians and their schedules to deal with but they have all been incredibly accommodating and generous with their time. So what's next? Well once we have all the recordings in, we start to mix it. This can be a long process with lots of chopping and changing as different balances are tried out. The final day for that has been scheduled for mid November after which the album will be sent off to be mastered. Tony's brother, Ruairí, now based in California will be carrying out that and once it has been approved by myself and Tony, it will be ready to go to print. Alongside the recording process, I have been busily working on sleeve notes, and gathering information and photographs for the designer, Brian Hanlon, who has designed the album covers of my last two solo albums, along with my website. The sleeve notes, due to the nature of the album, will be quite extensive, and will draw on research carried out over the last year. There is quite a lot of work to happen still on this aspect of the album, but it has been fun so far envisaging the final product. When both of these processes are complete, the album will be sent off to to the CD duplicators, an eco friendly company called Breed, who will be working on it over the winter. The album is expected to be finished early in 2013, and will be launched from April onwards. (I will be away on tour until March, hence the delay), but all you lovely people will be getting your copy, if listed in your reward, prior to it's launch. So that's the plan! Of course knowing the business, that could ALL change!! But in the meantime I will be keeping you posted on progress, and will be in touch regarding delivery of your rewards over the next while. Until then, A million thanks, and take care. Niamh

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