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Niall McCabe Band Debut Album

By Niall McCabe Band


Born in a lobster pot and swaddled in a trammel net, when Niall McCabe took his first breath of air...it was sea air. The Islands off the coast of Ireland breed many rare and interesting species of Irishman and are often a strange mix of isolation and connection. The strains of culture and tradition that find their way onto these rocks become condensed and evolve into new species. Progressing in parallel with the mainland, yet somehow slightly altered. So it is with music.

Niall’s songs are both reflective of the insularity of an island upbringing and the revelations of exploring a bigger world. Searching and hopeful, his songs are both familiar and fresh, like a morning stroll in spring when the first blossoms are in the hedges and the bleating of tiny wooly lambs fills the air. Strangers brought tales of rock, folk, jazz and soul to the island, where eager ears listened, assimilated and replicated...what we get is ‘Part of the Light’: a collection of hopes and reflections from an Island mind expressed through the sub-species of Island Folk, Soul and Rock N’ Roll.

The music, however, does not stand on the isolated rock of it’s origin. It is given life and purpose through the talents and artistry of Davey Ryan, Hugh Dillon and Dave Duffy, who’s rock like musicality is in keeping with our overextended analogy. Hugh Dillon earned his plectrum of power from Hogwarts secret school of guitar wizardry and has been peddling his pedals with the likes of Mick Flannery, wowing audiences on all the great stages of the country. Davey Ryan and David Duffy are none other than the finest rhythm section the mainland has to offer. Both accomplished composers and jazz improvisationalists in their spare time, they have been steering a course towards straight-talking groove for quite some time now and are lowering anchor on her sandy bottom. Brought together by fair winds and fine seamanship, the band are setting sail for the open ocean where destiny, adventure and music awaits!!

But...like all great adventurers, from Columbus to Magellan, we need help to fund our mission. The Queen of Spain is no longer receiving petitions so we are asking you to help us finish our album. We have already recorded the songs for ‘Part of the Light’ in the Cauldron studios in Dublin and we have run aground on the isle of bankruptcy. Poorly planned and badly executed, our budget undereaches our imaginations. Any and all help to finish our album will be greeted with instant (and even retroactive) karma. Even if you can’t help out financially, please like our facebook page, share our videos or recommend us to the Nobel foundation in Stockholm.



Final Week

To all of those who have funded us so far, thank you so much! We're at 65% and hope to get a good push on for the last week. The video has really helped get things moving again and all of your sharing it across facebook has made all the difference. Thank everybody!

Studio version of Folk, Soul, Rock&Roll;

With 10 days to go we've decided to put up a video of Folk, Soul, Rock & Roll to give you a taste of what's to come in the finished album. The video was shot and edited by John Allen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu1QKKBG984&feature=youtu.be

Going Strong

We've been blown away by all the support people have been giving us and would like to share this very special endorsement with you all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjbJCGLkSsE

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