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By Nigel Mooney




Just what is or are "Mooney's Blues"?

"Mooney's Blues" is my new album. Principal recording is finished and sounds fantastic; now editing, additional production, mastering and manufacturing commences prior to eventual official release - musicians will include the great Jean Toussaint (ex-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers) on tenor saxophone, Ben Cauley (ex-Bar-Kays/Otis Redding band) on trumpet, Lannie McMillan (ex-Ike Turner and Buddy Guy) on tenor saxophone, Deborah Swiney and Carolyn Chatman (ex-Al Green) on backing vocals and many, many more great musicians from Ireland and overseas. 

Just what will the funding go towards?

Almost all of the songs on "Mooney's Blues" are new compositions that flowed out of me in an unprecedented burst of inspiration. Most of these works appeared fully formed and fully produced in my head; therefore, in order to ultimately produce everything to perfection I will need a vast array of arrangers, multiple musicians, singers, stringers, hornsmen, acumen and aeons of studio time. Then there's the manufacture of CDs and vinyl records, P.R. and promotion, the delivery of the rewards to your kind selves, Fund it's commission fees and some decent wine to celebrate the eventual, glorious achievement. Your collective and much appreciated contribution will go towards the final completion and release of the album.

Just what are the factors that will benefit the benefactor?

I have been playing music professionally for almost forty years and have been fortunate enough to work with and befriend many great musicians in that time. I have recorded and released three albums to date and I've experienced the smiles and frowns, the ups and the downs of the labours and mysteries of the recording process. Now, with the benefit of this experience, I believe it has all come together on "Mooney's Blues" and that it comprises my finest work. This is your opportunity to contribute to the manufacturing process by advance purchasing the album - as well as some unique special offers - you will be among the first to own a copy of this great record. Browse the fantastic "rewards" listed (to right of page or below) and choose a treat that suits your fancy or your budget, then pay that amount (or whatever amount you like) and you will receive your copy of "Mooney's Blues" before the official release date.

Why does "Ireland's King of the Blues" need crowd-funding?

Well, there are three words that, individually, can suggest a certain lacking in the ability of an artist to finance his own major project, but when applied together can suggest a level of pauperdom perhaps akin to a misfortunate of Charles Dickens' imagination; they are "Musician", "Jazz" and "Ireland".

Your contribution is much appreciated.

Whether you're a fan, a player or a pundit, thankyou for contributing to my goal through Fund it.  N.M.


Nigel in studio with Mickey Gregory, Lannie McMillan, Ben Cauley and Jessie Smith.


Nigel in recording session for "Mooney's Blues" with his Danvel-Nelson guitar.