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No Crisis Here

By Ailbe Photo


This project will be my final year photographic project for a BA in Photographic Media from Griffith College Dublin. This campaign is to help produce 10 framed prints and a self-published photobook.

'No Crisis Here' is a commentary on the mismanagement of property and rental markets. It visualises the anxiety and vulnerability which effects everyone of us, and the lack of involvement and responsibility for the housing crisis by the government and local authorities in Ireland. 

The money from this campaign will go towards the printing and framing of the final images for the Final Year Exhibition, and an initial print run of an accompanying self-published photobook. 

I have been working as a photographer for over 13 years. In the last five years I have specialised in interiors and architecture. I always wanted to have a qualification in photography, so I finally bit the bullet and entered the BA in Photographic Media in Griffith College.

The risk and challenges ahead include finishing capturing the imagery, selecting the prints, choosing the ideal paper and framing for the images. I will also work on the layout and design of the photobook. I will have continuous advice and support on hand from my college lecturers and guest tutors.

The costs involved in printing and framing for an exhibition are quite considerable and beyond my means. In addition to the production of the exhibition I have to produce a photobook to be handed in with my final assignment and project. I will be covering the costs of the photobook. I am saving on some of the costs, for example I will be hand stitching the photobook myself.

See note all rewards will be available for collection at the opening evening of the Exhibition, Thursday 6th June, the time of the opening is to be confirmed. Other means of delivery of rewards can be arranged on an individual basis. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to have a look at my campaign.
Whether you are considering to help with this, or are not able to, I would love to invite you to the exhibition, which opens on Thursday 6th June in Griffith College Dublin. See you there.

Website: Ailbe.com

Project Blog: No Crisis Here




Graduation Exhibition in 1 Week!

Hello my wonderful Fund It supporters,

It has been a very busy month. Since the amazing success of this project I have handed in all my final year assignments, sat the last exam and breathed a sigh of relief. 

In one week today, the final year group exhibition will open. I have finished the photobook, ordered all the elements for the show, and have just sent off the order for the photo prints, which some of you have pre-purchased. The signed prints and photobooks will be ready for you the pick up at the opening of the show. 

If you have not yet given me your pre-purchased selected image number, please email me today.

The photobook turned out incredibly well. It is now a 56 page hardcover book, with some really beautiful graphic designed elements. This finished product was only possible due to your generousity and support with this Fund It campaign.

A very big thank you has to go to all the amazing staff here, on Fund It. You were amazingly supportive. It was really comforting to know that I was able to email or call for support, before during and after the campaign was running. Your guidance was priceless. 

So, the exhibition will open at 5.30pm on Thursday 6th June 2019. I would love to see you all there. Please come up and say hi.

Many thanks for all your generousity,




Funding Complete and The Next Steps

Hello to all you beautiful Funders,

Thank you all again, and again, for supporting my project. I was blown away by the amount of support you all gave. Since the campaign finished I have been working hard on finishing all the photoshoots, the edits and the layouts for the photobook. On Monday I finished the last studio photoshoot, with the help of the amazingly talented actor/dancer Emma Thompson (no, not that Emma Thompson). The results of these last photoshoots have really brought my project on to a new level. I can't wait until the exhibition and photobook are ready to show all of you, and the rest of the world.

Fund It have passed on all the necessary details for all of you who have purchased prints and photobooks. Shortly, I will be emailing you, individually, to thank you and to give you more details about the next steps. 

For those of you who have purchased prints and framed prints, I am in the middle of putting together a hidden page on my website (password protected), where I will have all the images from this project. I will send you the link and the password to this page and will be asking you to choose which image you would like to have as your signed print.

All purchases will be available to be collected at the exhibition opening, Thursday 6th June 2019 at 6.30pm. Unless otherwise stated within the direct emails. 

Thank you so much!

Here's a one of the recent images.


24 Hours

Just over 24 hours until the end of this Fund it campaign. At midday tomorrow, Thursday 11th April, it must end.

Yesterday, we passed the 100% funded goal and we are currently sitting at 125%. This means I will be able to increase to size of the photobook, and I will be able to print more posters. A huge thank you again to all you spectacularly beautiful supporters.

The next step is to finish laying out the design of the book, select the final images for the exhibition (6th June 2019) and start the posters campaign.

Yesterday I spent the morning with the superb people at Read That Image, learning bookbinding. Here is the result of my first go at a singer stitch. I will be binding all the photobooks myself. (If you want to see me really earn this funding a little more, you can pre-purchase more photobooks now!)

All the photobooks and prints are limited editions, for this graduation show. I will be continuing this project after college, but the first print run will end before the 6th June 2019. So, please get one person you know to grab a print or photobook now!

Ends midday Thursday 11th April 2019.

Exhibition opening Thursday 6th June 2019, Griffith College Dublin.

We've Done It!!! 100%

100% Yippee!!!!

Thank you so much to all you amazing beautiful people! Thank you for showing your love and support! It is really overwhelming to pass the 100% goal, with 2 days still to go. 

Please remember that the money will only be drawn down from you account after the campaign finishes.

I will be adding more updates about this project as I move closer to the exhibition opening.


Thank you so much again and again! 

1 Week Gone, 2 Weeks To Go

One week ago today I, with the help of the Fund It team, launched this campaign. I was a little anxious, to say the least. Now that we are one week in and the campaign has reached 40% funded, I feel much stronger about it. 

That is all thanks to you, the amazing supporters. Thank you so much.

It's Thursday morning and I am still aiming to reach 50% by the end of business tomorrow. I have been sending out emails, making phone calls and posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Now, I would love your help once more. Please could you share this project with your friends, family and colleagues? You could also comment and share a few of my posts on social media. 

I will be posting a few new images and information from No Crisis Here over the weekend. 

In the meantime below are a couple of images from the series. Thank you again for all your amazing support. 

We've passed 25%

Just a little update to say how spectacular you are!

Yesterday, with your amazing help and generosity, this project passed 25% funding. By the end of the day we reached 35%. 

We are definitely on our way to achieving the oal before 11th April. 

I'm hoping to reach 50% by the end of this week. So, please remember to share this everywhere you possibly can.

As regards the project itself, I am nearly finished all the photoshoots. I have started compiling the images and text for the exhibition and book. I will start laying out the photobook as of next week. On Saturday I will be learning how to hand stitch bookbinding. I am planning to hand stitch all the books.

I am also planning a poster campaign around the city, which will bring awareness of this project and hopefully inspire more conversations about the housing crisis. 

So, thank you all again for showing your support.


Chat soon,


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