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No Matter Where You Go There You Are



No Matter Where You Go There You Are, is an interactive interdisciplinary theatrical performance. A conversation between two women, one Australian, Jennifer Williams, now based in Ireland, and one Irish, Cathie Clinton, now based in Australia. The show will be performed at Melbourne Fringe Festival for two weeks and the Wexford Fringe Festival for three dates in November.

The show in Melbourne will be performed by our Irish actor, with video of our Australian actor's performance in Ireland projected into the space, and interacted with by the Irish actor, and then vice versa for Wexford. Written autobiographically by the two performers, the show will draw on their experiences of the expectations and promise of travel, their subsequent lives in their new countries, and where they hope or expect it to lead to from here. Through audience response and interaction, the show will also draw on the audience’s own experiences and beliefs about travel.
In an increasingly internationally mobile community, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are is an examination of the reasons we travel, and the different experiences that we have when we get where we are going.

It looks at Ireland and Australia, and the connection between the two countries over many centuries. It looks at forced migration and the bust of the Celtic Tiger, as well as voluntary migration and the booming Australian economy. It is about a search for a home in the world and meaning in our lives, no matter where that search takes us.
The honesty of its creators, the humour and drama entailed, and the brave venture into the unknown that this performance represents in every way, will wake you up, shake you up, make you laugh and cry, and challenge you to really look at your own life. This is about building your own future, not just waiting for it to happen, this is about inspiring others, not just searching for inspiration.

Watch this show’s development and metamorphosis on its journey between these women, and between these continents; then we take it to Alabama. This production has an international benefit, creating links between emerging artists and artistic communities in both Ireland and Australia, and eventually America. We hope the production will generate interest amongst theatre professionals in many countries, and be the foundation of further international artistic endeavours for the artists involved.

Details of Production
Title: No Matter Where You Go There You Are
Run Time: 75 minutes
Melbourne Dates: 8pm (Preview 26th Sept) 28th, 29th, 30th – 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th Oct; Clifden Creative Arts Center, 314 Church St. Richmond.
Wexford Dates: 3.30pm on 3rd 4th 5th November; The Agricultural Museum, Wexford.

Director/Producer-Yvonne Coughlan;
Writer/Performer-Jennifer Williams;
Writer/Performer-Cathie Clinton;
Writer/Performer Rebecca Dove Dennard;
Camera/Assistant producer-Maurice Supple;
Lighting Designer/DOP-Justin MacCarthy;
Assistant Producer-Kay Coakley;
Artistic designer-Brian Brennan;
Composer-Patrick O’Sullivan



Tomorrow night at The Crane Lane Theatre!

https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_nonslim#!/events/164034827027825/ See you all at the show follwed by some great music with The Aftermath

Looking forward to seeing all our supporters in Cork.

If you haven't recieved your rewards emails please contact us, or check your spam filter hasn't swallowed it up. Delene your email keeps bouncing back, please contact us.

Cork Performance!

VENUE The Crane Lane Theatre, Cork DATE Wednesday 7th December TIME 8pm Looking forward to thanking all you funders in person.


Hello funders! Thank you all so very much once again. You really have given us so much more than cash (although we appreciate that too.) You have given us support, you have allowed us to believe in the further possibilities for this project, because you chose to believe in us. Currently we are working on contacting you, and making arrangements to send you your rewards.

Melbourne Fringe Finished!

So we did our last show, here at the fringe tonight. Once again a wonderful performance by Cathie Clinton, and great response from audience. We did our final take down (something we had to do every night bar one because the venue was in use every day also.) Then we made our way to the fringe wrap party. We lasted 15 minutes, just too exhausted to party. It really has been full on, and tomorrow it's time to edit the film, plus of course it's the last fund it day, so had to rush back to update and post and hope that people will see the value in this project for us, and for them. Thank you funders for your compassion, it really is such a boost to have your support; when we are working so hard and not sure where the next cent will come from. Why would anyone choose this life of being constantly financially in limbo? The last project paying for the next. Passion! You really have to love the creativity. You have to know that it is worth the stress and the anxst, because you are blessed to create something that not only you can appreciate, but might affect another human being in some way. Whatever happens, I know we did something special here.

Only 2 shows left!

The time has passed so quickly, and in a haze of activity. The developing nature of the project, and the distance from all that I am familiar with, has meant that every moment is tied up with the project and I really have seen very little of Melbourne's very social and artistic scene. The irony of being in the fringe means we have not seen very much of the other artists either, and it is this eclectic mix of creativity that makes Melbourne what it is. Tuesday is the day that Emma will be taking me on the whistle stop tour of all that 'must be seen' in Melbourne. We will be editing the film for Wexford of Cathie's performance on Monday, Bill Masoulis and I, and then I leave on Wednesday. Mad! Thanks to Jenny's stellar work the pozible funding we have managed to cover half of our costs, but hopefully more supporters will come out in the next few days on the Irish side to pull us back into black. So much interest has been expressed by other groups and companies wanting to bring the project around the world, it really is quite gratifying. The audiences have been small, there is just too much competition, with the hundreds of other shows in the fringe and The Melbourne Festival, and The Melbourne Show, and the fact that our venue, lovely as it is, is off the beaten track. This has not been a problem, as the performance is tailored for any size audience, but naturally it means we are a lot more reliant on crowdfunding than we had hoped to be. I read something recently that really resonated with me 'Happy people are not those who have the best of everything, they are those who make the best of everything.' So there is a smile on my face, and right now we will keep focus on making it to Wexford and Alabama. Thank you funders. X

Review in Aussie Theatre


Three shows left in Melbourne!

So we started filming the Melbourne/Cathie insert for Wexford. We've had very interested audiences, so we will be in further talks about the show going to UK and to Hong Kong. For now we will stay concentrated on filming in Melbourne, finishing our run at the fringe, then getting back to Wexford Fringe and getting ready for Alabama. Thank you so much to our funders so far for joining the group of people who are willing to back this project. I really think it can become something incredible, and your support is worth far more than you know.

Special reward for our funders!

We've decided to do a special extra show in Cork for our supporters. All our funders will recieve their special invitation to this performance after we reach target. Supporters who donate €20 and over will be invited to bring a guest. Supporters who donate €50 and over will also be invited to our special reception before the show.

Preview tomorrow night!

It has been so hectic since I got here. We have been working so hard, thanks to the amazing crew who got us here and to our new Melbourne crew. Thank you to our funders, it has been so good to get your support. Once the show is finally up and running on Wednesday, we will have a few days to catch our breath before we begin filming our Melbourne actor to take home to Ireland to place in our Wexford fringe show. Melbourne is so hugh that getting around takes up so much of the day, but thankfully the people are really helpful. We haven't had time to see any of the other fringe shows yet. but we got a taste of the fantastic array of topics and talents when we made time for the Fringe opening night. It is wonderful to be part of it all, it is worth the stress and hard work because we know we have created something to be truly proud of. It makes us trust that more funders will join those who believe that this project is worth continuing. Thank you all again. Listin out to the John Murray show on RTE radio 1 tomorrow morning from 9am, and you will hear more. Thanks to 96FM and Cork FM arts shows for their air time previously.


Arrived to an electrical storm last night! Melbourne is brilliant! From minute one people have been so helpful. Met my first possum last night, that was a bit of a surprise, but I was a big brave girl, and he didn't scare me really. (They are big and they climb trees very quickly.) Saw the venue today and it is great, and again run by really lovely helpful people.

Melbourne next Sunday!

Hi there, and thank you for your interest. Some feedback I got from one of our supporters is that the project looks finished so what do we need funding for. So here is an update to answer that question. We need to repay the loan we took out to pay for a flight to Melbourne, and the venues and registrations in Melbourne and Wexford. Our passion for the creation and development of this project has brought us this far, we have managed to use every possible line of credit and we are surviving on the belief that people will see the value of this project and support it by attending the performance, or funding it. Anything extra to repaying the costs already incurred will go towards continuing the project in Alabama and beyond, as it returns to Ireland stronger at every stage.

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