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No Party For Billy Burns

By Padraig Conaty


The Summary...

Billy Burns(Kevin McGahern) is a simple young fellow with a wild imagination and a passion for Cowboy films. He lives with his reclusive grandfather (Shane Connaughton) on the outskirts of town, and believes the old man was once a famous gunslinger. Left out by his friends, Billy relies on his imagination and love of working on the land to get him by. An infatuation with a local friends girlfriend finds Billy in a tangle and vilified by the only people who would tolerate him, and when he comes home one day to find his grandfather dead on the kitchen floor, Billy's imagination gets the better of him and he heads into town with his gun.

My intention with the film is to present the mundanity young people experience in a rural town and the various methods they use to find catharsis. Through the main character Billy, I want to show how the imagination can both struggle and thrive under such conditions, with a little help from our obsession with American culture!

The film is set to be shot in Co Cavan this Summer, and we are assembling a wonderful cast of locals as well as actors from further afield.

Why we need your help...

Your pledge will contribute towards the feeding and transport of a voluntary cast and crew throughout a two week shoot,(Good foddering is one of the most important factors in maintaining a happy and productive crew, especially when they are working purely for the love of their craft!)

You will also be promoting the talents of local artists both in front of and behind the camera, and endorsing our regional voice within a community of indigenous filmmakers.

The Cavan region is rich with great characters and stories and it is time we developed our own voice to tell the world about them.

Thank you for reading, we hope to see you at the premiere!