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(Not) Belonging

By This Is Happening


Have you ever felt like you belonged? Have you ever wanted to?
Did you ever sneak out in clothes your mother would never have approved of, or skip lunch for a month to go to a gig?

For most people, Seapunk is just an internet joke. But for Matthew O’Dwyer and for countless others, it meant something.

Through interviews, film, music, poetry, and visual art, from a wide and diverse range of people and media, we’re exploring the phenomenon of subculture. We want to work out what it feels like to belong. Do you?

We are making a new one hour work called (Not) Belonging, an exploration of subculture and what it feels like to belong, looking at the phenomenon through interview, pop culture, and through new work in a variety of media, utilizing the diverse range of talent across our collective. We hope that by examining this need to belong through investigation of the 3 cast members' experiences as well as through the lenses of many different people, media, and through the audience, that we can help make all involved feel more part of a community.

This Is Happening are a new collective making theatre and live art founded by Matthew O'Dwyer, Sorcha Flanagan and Áine O'Hara that tries to engage and question our contemporary context and to find a shared experience. Through the course of this process, we've also found out we all really like My Chemical Romance.

As we are a newly established company, we are completely unfunded. Your contributions will go towards set design, lighting and sound design, costume, equipment hire and marketing. We can't do it without you xx. (No, but really, we can't.)

(Not) Belonging will take place as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2015.



"Don't just hear, LISTEN!" – A Night of Diary Readings and Poetry


A Night of Diary Readings and Poetry - Chaplins - 7.15pm

Finding your old teenage diary is always hard. You look at your thoughts from days (long?) past and think "wow I was so depressed," or "if only I'd known how good I had it," or "what an utter dickhead, how did so few people punch me?" But what's traumatic for the diary-reader is quick entertainment for the public. You are the public. Please come to laugh at, and cry with, us. And find out you weren't alone in your sad teenage scribblings. To quote one of our diaries: "Please don't just hear, LISTEN!" A night of spoken word. The theme is teenage diary entries. There will be readings of REAL diary entries as well as poetry around the theme. Performers: Andy Apples Niamh Beirne Alicia Byrne Keane Dylan Coburn Gray Sorcha Flanagan Rebecca Kealy Lewis Kenny Áilish Kerr James Moran Matthew O'Dwyer Áine O'Hara Saul Philbin Bowman Suggested donation €5

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