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My name is Richie O Connell and my project OC Photography will specialize in portrait and event photography inspired by film. Many photographer create beautiful images using bright lights to evenly expose a subject, where my style differs is I embrace the shadows and the different colors of natural ambient light to capture the atmosphere surrounding the subject and enhancing the emotion on the subject's face. For events I do this by using minimal lighting, making use of the atmosphere created by the ambient light, for example the colourful strobing spotlights of a stage, the moody glow of a dimly lit bar, sunlight shining through tree leaves casting abstract shadows. In a studio setting I use shadow as well as lighting to create portraits with depth, and different coloured lights to create on location effects, for example the pastels of neon street lights or the warm reddish orange of a summer sunset.

I studied both Black & White film photography and Film Production achieving distinction in both, and my study of film heavily influences my photographic style. My subjects are always delighted with the pictures I produce, describing my photographs as making them look like movie stars, rock stars, even epic. Through my photography I've discovered that everyone has a little epic inside them and I strive to capture this in every picture.

I am already actively photographing parties and events but in order to set up a fully tricked out studio for portrait photography I require funds for lighting, backdrops and printing equipment. I chose to go the crowd funding route because I love the idea of offering my portrait photography services as rewards to my patrons. When the reward for contributing to my photography is my photography I know that anyone who contributes must be as excited for this project as I am.

If I'm successful in reaching my goal the money will be spent on a wide range of lights and backdrops so I can personalize a photo shoot to fit my customer. Everyone has their own unique personality so every person's photo shoot should be unique, whether you're bright and bubbly, dramatic, fun, sexy, or all of the above. 

I know that there are always concerns over the risks involved in any new business venture, however I have been granted Enterprise Allowance which will greatly reduce the risk and will cover the day to day costs until OC Photography is up and running and becomes self sustaining, I just need a little help from you guys for the set up costs. In return you will receive thanks, some fabulous photography rewards and you would have helped establish an exciting new photography business in Cork City.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about my project. I am very excited and passionate about this OC Photography and I hope I've made you excited too.



Target Reached!

Target reached with four days to go! I'd like to offer a massive thank you to all my backers, you've made OC Photography possible. Once the campaign has ended in four days I will be in touch shortly thereafter to thank you all and discuss your rewards. I hope you're all as excited as I am.

New Campaign Video!

If you have a few minutes please check out this OC Photography video explaining everything about my business, my photography style, and the great rewards on offer for my Fundit contributors! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc_o1wmvHmA

New Campaign Video!

If you have a few minutes please check out this OC Photography video explaining everything about my business, my photography style, and the great rewards on offer for my Fundit contributors!

Thanks Runaway Retros!

Thank you Runaway Retros, the most swingingest swing band in town for the contribution.

Thanks Denis!

Thanks for the contribution Denis.

Thank you Vicki!

A Cork Massive thanks to the second contributor to OC Photography Vicki! Another step closer!

Thank you John & Helen!

A big thanks to John and Helen for being the first contributors to the OC Photography fundraiser. One step closer to reaching our goal!

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