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Off The Record - Compilation Album

By Leo Mallon


Off The Record launched in May 2012 with one simple goal, to add a bit more substance to the Irish electronic music scene. We kicked things off by sharing free mixtapes from Irish djs, exclusively recorded for our series. But it wasn't long before we didn't just have Irish listeners but an audience spanning the globe, and with that came foreign djs & producers looking to get involved too. Using this ever-growing fanbase and contact-list we have been able to host our own string of clubnights in the twisted pepper in Dublin, along with making appearances at many festivals around the country. I never had any set plan for what OTR may become, the open-door policy defined that in the process. The diverse range of people involved & their willingness to help each other has turned OTR into an amazing platform for Irish music. With some of the top artists in the country helping up & comers, and vice versa. To this day anyone is able to get on board if their up for chipping in!

Now we're putting together a compilation, showcase album, which will feature 100% unique & exclusive tracks from the artists involved. OTR is known for the fact that we span all genres and this album will be no exception. Artists such as Drokkr, The Dub Doctor, Room202, Dubtrash, Obamabo (and many more!) are all working away on their exclusive tracks for the album as we speak. The eclectic nature of our collective will see genres such as Reggae, House, Dubstep, Techno, Drum & Bass, Glitch-hop, Disco, Dub and plenty more covered. Along with this album being the only way to pick up these unique home-grown tunes we'll be putting together an even more eclectic remix package, where all artists involved will be given another track from the album to remix (selected at random).

This will not only be a great addition to any listener or dj's collection but an investment in the quality of Irish electronic music too. Any profits from the sale of the album will be going towards our collective fund to piece together our own sound-system and get on festival circuit for 2014.

Pushing the home-grown DIY nature of the project we're aiming to complete as much of this by ourselves as possible! We have the equipment & mastering abilities sorted and what we need a little help with is getting the album actually put on to CD. Funds raised from this campaign will go directly towards the duplication & printing of cds.

You can check out plenty of free exclusive material from the artists involved on our mixcloud site, with links to the artists individual pages to be found on our blog. Artists involved: 7AR, Checkmate, Do Funkk, Dominic Smith, Decksta, DJ Hex, Dubtrash, Drokkr, Embassy, Federal, Gedge, Guerilla, M-Capio, Nephilim, Obamabo, Room202, Syren, The Dub Doctor, Timmy Nolan & Tommy Takeover.




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