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Oh Brother

By Eddie Mullarkey


Oh Brother is a short comedy drama about two brothers, Fergal and Sean, travelling to Amsterdam to find the right escort for Fergal. Fergal lives a lonely life and from a mix of guilt and brotherly love Sean gets pulled into helping him down an unseemly path.

Through its humorous and naturalistic dialogue, the film pays homage to the likes of Jim Jarmusch and Lenny Abrahamson. Music inspired by King Crimson and Herbie Hancock creates a soundscape for the characters’ inner conflicts and a feeling of mischievous adventure.

Eddie began writing a story inspired by a relationship with a close friend and when he brought an early draft to his sister Mia, she knew she wanted to make a short film out of it. So Eddie and Mia began hatching plans and their sister Anna came on board to compose the score.

Mia filmed a test scene in January with Galway actor Jarlath Tivnan playing Fergal; his subtle nuanced portrayal of the character was compelling and the scene inspired other actors and crew to come on board.

We had a tight schedule for the shoot, shooting scenes in a nightclub, an industrial estate, a country house and on boats and trams but DP Jass Foley's, technical wizardry kept us on track. Trying to shoot a scene on a rented boat in the centre of Amsterdam's canal ring with tourists constantly pointing at us is one challenge, but filming in trams is another kettle of fish altogether; finding an empty carriage proved nearly impossible so we disguised ourselves as tourists and waited for the opportune moment.

We were lucky to have such a talented cast; Corn Exchange actor/director Annie Ryan played the brothers' mother, Kathy, with Argentinian actress Maria Lopez playing Grace.

Thus far Oh Brother has been completely self financed; we are using this Fund it campaign to cover the post production and entry costs to film festivals.

Voice over recordings, music composition and recording, sound mixing, video editing and festival submissions are yet to be completed and it would be an injustice to the story, actors and crew to drop the high standard that has been adopted for the films production. 

Thank you for taking your time to read about our project, we hope you can join us in getting this story onto the big screen.