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oh look hummingbirds

By Bluepatch Productions


Never forget again. Record. Rewind. Replay. Add instant recall to your living experience.
We offer you the perfect memory. Endless access to your most important moments, everyday encounters, adventures and ordinary glories.
Never fade away. Transcend mortality. Your life permanently stored in illuminating detail.
The elusive nature of memory revealed in an evocative, immersive performance.

A collaboration between Bluepatch & Floating World Productions specially devised for this year’s ABSOLUT Fringe 2012 and taking place in the atmospheric Laundry Room of South Studios.

oh look hummingbirds brings together an eclectic collective of multidisciplinary artists musician and songstress Aisling Quinn, interactive audiovisual artist Furry, designer Julia Benedict, visual artist Tamsyn Speight, costume designer Jeni Roddy, theatre makers Aoife Connolly and Andrea Scott and dramaturg Chris McCormack.

Bluepatch Productions is a vibrant Irish theatre company interested in experimental ensemble based work that promotes creative collaboration and cross disciplinary practice

Floating World Productions combines theatre, dance, film, music and interactive sound and visual elements in unusual environments. We invite our audiences to live in the moment with us.

Collectively we aim to create new and innovative work that challenges convention and imaginatively explores the human experience with attention to form, identity and representation itself. Artistic Directors Aoife Connolly and Andrea Scott respectively have been working collaboratively since 2008 and both trained in Viewpoints/Creative Composition with Anne Bogart and SITI Company in New York.

Together they have been exploring the theme of memory since 2009 in the site specific production of 'Medea Redux' in Bernard Shaw Beer Garden and the devised production 'Memory Palace' in Galway Theatre Festival 2010. This new piece 'oh look hummingbirds’ delves into the future of memory and challenges the idea of what we lose and gain by having the perfect memory. Now in collaboration with Dr. Cathal Gurrin one of the world’s leading lifeloggers we venture into the digital world of remembering and ask What if we never forget anything again?

In order to present this piece we need to raise €2200. This will cover our venue, insurance, equipment hire, stage materials and marketing costs. We appreciate any donation you can make to our project big or small. In return we are offering you an array of special rewards including bespoke handmade mementos, unique prints, tickets and various workshops. We really value your support and interest in our project and look forward to seeing you in September!

For more information see www.bluepatchproductions.com and www.floatingworldproductions.com or visit us on facebook




Thank you to all our funders so far we're delighted by your generosity. We still have a bit to go and hope you can help us reach our target by keeping the word out there. :-) Our Lifelogging experiment has begun and we are inviting YOU to lifelog one day in your life using a specially designed app easily accessed on your Android or Iphone. Lifelogging – recording every single minute of your life – is quickly moving from science fiction fantasy to real life phenomenon This is your moment to pioneer the way forward in this new movement. Together we will activate a sneak preview of what future remembering will look like ; we will channel an insight into our everyday experiences as well as offer an exciting perspective of our cities landscape. Interested and like to learn more see Andrea’s lifelogging experiment here - http://vimeo.com/45201828 For step by step guide on how to get started visit www.bluepatchproductions.com or www.floatingworldproductions.com

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