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Oh! What A Lovely Rose!

By Heather Walsh


Are you pretty? But not up-your-own-arse pretty? Did you make your dress? Can you sing sean-nos? Is your boyfriend here tonight? Do you not have a boyfriend? Awh, no need to explain! Gentlemen, she bakes bread, speaks French and she’s single…

This is a tale of a girl who had a dream, then grew up and realised how embarrassing it was. A changing Ireland needs a different kind of beauty queen, but is The Rose of Tralee the place to find her? Does ideal Irish woman needs to know how to breakdance AND play the spoons, all while wearing a sparkly gúna? One thing is for certain - they ALL have lovely bottoms.

Tragic Spud (Oonagh, Erica and Heather) are presenting Oh! What A Lovely Rose! as part of no particular festival in September! This show has been in the making since December and we saw it take it's first baby steps with the help of THEATREclub. Next steps are at Body and Soul, you can check us out in the Bulmers Lounge on Friday evening.

BUT the end goal is to present it in Smock Alley in September and to see all the various versions and performances come to fruition. We need a little capital to make that dream come true, and we would love and appreciate your help getting there. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and will be well spent on the likes of rehearsal space and tiaras. Not even prop tiaras, Erica is just so demanding...

Thank you so much for taking a look at our project, and see you in September!