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Old Carlow Photos Book 2 and Exhibition

By Dermot O'Brien


This whole idea started from a facebook page called Old Carlow Photos where people summitted their photos and this has grown enormously over the years. The publication of Book 2 is a huge testament to the value people place in their childhood memories of life on the street, in school and in the family home. Photographs have that happy way of reaching a part of you like no other. In this Book2 and photo exhibition you will not be disapointed. 

We had a successful project in 2014 which helped to launch the first book and the magnificent photographic exhibition held in Carlow Cathedral Parish Centre. Three rooms and the long hall were needed to display the photos.

The printing costs of the photographic exhibition are very high. This exhibition will be open to the public for 3 days, free of charge. Any excess income is used to offset the cost of the book print. The book will be on sale locally and online.

A major photographic exhibition accompanies the book. The exhibition features all the photos from the book in both hard copy and digital form.

The photographic exhibition is an integral part of the book project and needs to run in tandem with the book launch which will be November 18th in Carlow Cathedral Parish Centre.

We all love a good story and the stories submitted by the people of Carlow and the county are amazing just as you the supporters of our project are. Míle buíochas as ucht bhur gcuid iarrachtaí le hairgead a chruinniú.




We just received some of the wall hanging prints for the exhibition and they look stunning - am sure you will enjoy them. There are just 2 days left to the close of the Fundit Project and there is still time to support the exhibition just click on the link and follow the steps.

Almost there!

We've just submitted the front cover of Old Carlow Photos Book11 to the printers and it looks great. Almost over the line with 3 days to go with the Fundit project, so if you have not already joined the project and would like to please click on the link and follow the steps. Thanks again

Final date for funders inclusion in Book 2

Old Carlow Photos Book 2 is progressing well and almost ready to go to printers. While there are 18 days (at 9th Oct) on the Fundit campaign, the closing date to have your name listed in the book, as a supporter of the project, is 13th October. I am really excited about the publication of Book 2, it will have a slight change in format from Book 1. The launch will be November 18th and the exhibition will run until the 20th and I hope to see you there. Sincere thanks to those who have supported the project thus far.

New Photos

Since we announced that a 2nd book would be published we have been overwhelmed with good wishes and a huge amount of new photographs!! People are certainly leaving no stone unturned as they say to locate their old photos. Thank You!!

Update on Old Carlow Photos

Just a quickie to say that the 2nd volume of Old Carlow Photos 'the Book' will be launched Nov 18th in the Cathedral Parish Centre. The Centre will also host the 3 day photographic exhibition. The project is now live on Fundit and if you would like to help fund this venture it would be greatfully appreciated.

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