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Olivia Burke Debut EP

By Karen Burke


I have started this Fund it project to raise funds for the debut EP for my daughter Olivia Burke. Olivia has just turned 16 and has been writing songs nearly as long as she is talking. Even though she is just 16 Olivia has performed many festivals around the country, released a single with airplay nationwide, played high profile venues such as Whelans, Roisin Dubh and The Workmans Club and has recently recorded an interview and live performance with RTE Two Tube.

The following is from Olivia herself:

This Fund it project is to fund the recording, mixing and mastering of my debut EP. I have been songwriting for many years and have experienced so much in the last few years.

One of the biggest achievements to date was being shortlisted from thousands of entries to the last 33 for the Hot Press Big Break award last year.

As a result I was featured in Hot Press magazine and they wrote the following about me “From the midlands, Olivia Burke is a nascent songwriter who has made a great splash given her early age. She has already put out her first single, 'Missing' inspired by the story of Madeleine McCann, it helped raise awareness for Missing In Ireland Support Services (MISS). She was invited by the Minister for Justice to perform the tune at a special event remembering missing people. Unafraid to tackle the hard issues that face the youth of today, her next effort dealt with bullying and self-harm. The video for that number 'Stronger Than Words' has close to 10,000 views on YouTube. She went on to perform it at Teen Aware 2013, gracing the stage alongside the likes of District 3, Original Rudeboys, Ryan O'Shaughnessy and Royseven.”

I've returned to the Teen Aware stage in 2014 and will be a performer this year also.

Another highlight for me is the positive feedback I have received from Stronger Than Words. Stronger Than Words is about the effects bullying has on people and I have received lots of messages from people thanking me, saying they find comfort in the song. I received a letter from a teacher in a school in Blackrock saying that she used the song to emphasize the message against bullying to her students.

It is these experiences that keep me songwriting and performing. And now I want to take it to the next level but I need your help to get me there. Your contributions will help fund the studio time, producer and engineer, mastering and CD duplication.

Every fund received will be rewarded and will be so greatly appreciated. Every social media share will also be greatly appreciated.

Please take the time to check out my work and thank you for your time.



Link To Download EP

Hi Folks, Our sincerest of apologies to everyone for the delay. We had a very successful launch night for the EP release last Friday night and are catching up on all other activities. Please find in this mail a link to download the four tracks plus artwork for the EP: http://we.tl/3ijtRGsnOZ We're going to follow up with the other rewards over the next few days so please bear with us while we do. If you have any questions in the meantime please mail press@oliviaburkemusic.com Thanks again for your support.

Rewards are ready for distribution

Hey Folks, We're getting everyones rewards ready for distribution. Unfortunately Fund It has not provided us with addresses so if you could, can you reply to press@oliviaburkemusic.com and let us know if you are attending the EP launch upstairs at Hugh Lynchs, Tullamore, from 9pm or let us know your address so we can forward the rewards to you. Thanks again for all your support

Notes On My Napkin EP Launch

Hi Folks, There are going to be a good few updates over the next few days. We want to try get the EP to you before it's official release on 30th October. For now we'd just like to remind you that the launch of the EP will be taking place upstairs at Hugh Lynchs, Tullamore next Friday 30th August from 9pm. We'd like to see you all there Thanks

The 1st Single 'Loud' has been sent

Hi Folks, just a quick message for you to check your email inboxes (or junk mail) as we've sent out 'Loud' the first single from the EP and an invitation to the EP Launch in Tullamore. If you haven't received your email press@oliviaburkemusic.com and we'll resend it. Thank you all again for your support.

Notes On My Napkin is recorded!!!!!!

Hi Folks, just a quick note to all of you who have generously pledged to my campaign. Notes On My Napkin is a 4 track EP that is finally recorded and being mastered at the minute. The 30th October 2015 is the launch date for the EP and the first single Loud. We'll be having a launch night on the same date so keep that date in your diaries if you have received an invitation as part of your pledge. Thank you again for your support and I'll give another update soon.

100% Funded

Hi Folks, I'm writing this on the last night of my campaign in the knowledge that it is fully funded. Thank you all so much for your support. It's been a hard few weeks messaging and begging but knowing now that the campaign is going to be successful makes it all worth while. I've received a lot of support personally which has been uploaded as anonymous. All pledgers have been named on my website at http://oliviaburkemusic.com/wp/fund-it/ Thank you all again for your support and thank you to the team at Fund It for providing such a fantastic service. I'm looking forward to the studio now and giving you all your rewards for your support.

15% There...

We're overwhelmed by everyones generosity. Just a few days in and we've reached the 15% mark. Thank you all so much who have given so far. We're starting to get excited now...

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