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On Leaving- A book project

By David Monahan


On Leaving is a comprehensive photographic study of the lives of a particular set of migrants from Ireland, with an eye to what they have left behind. It will stand as a major historical document of our times.

You may be familiar with the “Leaving Dublin” series (a key part of this work) which has shown as a projection in 13 cities worldwide and has appeared as print and multimedia exhibitions in Dublin, Donegal, Tralee and Melbourne. With exhibitions approaching in Washington D.C. and Reading Pennsylvania, the time has come to publish a book which gives equal space and respect to the entire cast of brave and courageous travelers that it seeks to immortalise through this concious act of documentation.

The book will feature all 84 “Leaving Dublin” portraits in full colour, a selection from a survey for the departed, a selection from the visitation series and a series of essays by leading lights on this subject. The book therefor will be a large fully formed volume with over three hundred pages, designed by Niall Mc Cormack and printed to the highest possible quality by Nicolson and Bass, printers of great repute.

The cost of such an endeavor is enormous and although I have some funds to lever, it will be necessary to seek support upfront. With a limited run and world demand for this volume expected to be high, one can only suppose that here on Fund it will be the ideal place to reserve the book at its cover price, with a guarantee of securing a copy or two before it sells out! On delivery of the book (expected in the Autumn) purchasers can pick up their copy in Dublin or on notification can pay postage charge direct to me to complete the transaction by mail.

For this reason don’t be disappointed if you see the funding total has been reached and you want to buy a copy, there will be at least 500 of the run available for sale over the period of the offer here on Fund it so keep it coming.



Fund:it project now live

Hi Again, the project Beyond Leaving is now live please check it out at http://fundit.ie/project/beyond-leaving Please support and share the project on all of your social networking platforms. Please excuse cross postings. David

Beyond Leaving, David Monahan

Hi, Thank you all so much for your support of this project which succeeded in its aim of creating a beautiful and compelling book. The book On Leaving went on to win the 2015 printing industry award for the best printed book in Ireland. So once more thanks for your support. Now I move towards the final chapter in my work. which helps to tell the story of our people during this time. It is timely as the Central Statistics Office only last month declared the period of net emigration to be over. Beyond Leaving is a new series and the title of the upcoming show. The final movement in a suite of works that spans the period of net emigration. The work features a series of over 25 new large scale (1metre x 1.3metre) photographic works shot in 2016 on location in Dublin, Toronto, Ohio, Chicago, Surrey and Wicklow. It will hang for 4 months from November to late February 2017 at the National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin. The work also features video, interview, text and artefact made over the entire period of the works and is a timely appraisal of a dark period of Irish, European and World history from the perspective of people who left Ireland during this time. A fund:it campaign for this exhibition is going live later today and I would like to ask all of you to take a look, share the project on your social networks and if you can, support the work by making a pledge. It will help to make this show engaging and effective in creating dialogue around the issues raised during this time. Please excuse me if you have received this update already but double thanks as you where a supporter on both campaigns! So that's Beyond Leaving, David Monahan. Thank you. David

news and reviews

Hi all once more big thanks to you all for continued support for this project. Some recent news here re the book and a very positive review on the irish Arts Review, See the text of it here at thelillipution.blogspot.com ( just copy and paste that last line into your browser and hit return. Big thanks david


See this very important post at the link below http://thelillipution.blogspot.ie/2014/12/launch-heros-named.html Many thanks david

LAST POST ( well Maybe!)

Hi All, I was overwhelmed by the all the love in the room on Thursday last at the Gallery of Photography when finally, we launched the book ON LEAVING! To Those of you who where there ,So much thanks. For those of you who could not make it , Huge thanks for all of your support. If you can make it to Dublin for a coffee and a chat I can hand over your books then, otherwise its going to have to be the post. To Pay the post and give me a mailing address please go to onleaving.com. On the bottom right of the page click on the words postage only and on the next page choose your region and complete the transaction to send your book on its way. Looking forward to meeting at least some of you in person though. Once more so much thanks for all your support all the way from the start David


Hi all, delighted to say that the book arrived last night and all looks superb! Your copies of On Leaving will be at the launch tonight for distribution. If your not in town and you need the book posted or picked up,no worries, we will be in touch tomorrow by email to arrange it all. I am hoping to see a great band of you at the launch tonight and remember any one who pledged any amount to the campaign can upgrade to the book or the limited edition book on the night by paying the difference. as always BIGTHANKS David

back on track!

Hi all,and thanks for bearing with me through the slight delay. The book is almost ready and we will launch it at the Gallery of Photography at 6 o clock next Thursday the 11th of Dec. Please come and pick up your copy then. Looking forward to seeing you all there! david

Temporary setback in production cycle!

Hi Everybody,due to a temporary production setback we will be unable to launch On Leaving on the date originally proposed. The setback is ongoing and it will not be apparent for a couple of days when the new launch date will fall.Please bear with me until I can announce the new date. I promise you all it will be worth the wait. Thank you for your continued patience. David

Launc date confirmed

Hi all, the launch date is confirmed for Wednesday the 26th of November. I hope to see you all there and give you your books. Remember those of you who pledged an amount smaller than the price of a book can use that as a deposit on the night and pay the difference.Those of you who bought the book and would like to upgrade to the limited edition can do do on the night also. So looking forward to welcoming you all on the night! Thanks once more David

Close to home

Hi,this is an update for all you have funded the ON LEAVING book project. I am so excited to share this work with you all! We are on the press printing the book early next week. So after a week of curing then bookbinding the book should be ready for you and the world in the last week of November. I am working on a date and venue for the launch and as soon as I have it organised I will share it with you here. As Promised the book will be available for collection at the launch to all who have bought it on fundit, and anyone who had made a small pledge for the campaign can use that as a deposit off the cover price on the night. Also on the night we will have 50 copies of the limited edition, ( boxed, signed, and numbered, book with and editioned print),available. If you have already bought a copy of the book you can purchase this then by paying the difference to upgrade. As over 20 copies of this have been reserved already through the initial offer and you may feel you would like to upgrade, you can actually reserve a copy by emailing me at dmon@me.com or take a chance and hold on till the night when you can see the beauty of the boxed edition.(it may move quickly!) Once again Bigthanks David

Your First Reward!

Greetings and once more thanks to you all for your fantastic and unwavering commitment to On Leaving book project. I have just emialed you your first reward from the process. It is the video piece associated with the second series of photographs,the visitation series as featured in the Slideluck Dublin 2013. For those of you who have pledged €60 and up the book will also form part of the reward and it will be completed by October coming. For those of you who have made the smaller pledge of €25 euro and below I am now delighted to inform you that the value of your pledge will count towards the final cost of the book on the night of the launch,(if you wish to purchase it). This is to once more re-iterate my appreciation of all support of any size. Also huger thanks to those of you who made special efforts to get uncollected pledges lodged to my account.Angel,Noel,and Cliian,I doubly thank you. Further updates will follow! David

Heart felt thanks to you all

WoW we have done it with a day to spare from 40% to funded in a week! Phenomenal and testament to the commitment of you my backers in these really tough times that you can find space in your pockets for art. now to get on with the job in hand and produce this piece, your reward for participation in this historically important project. Once more I say it -- HUGE THANKS TO YOU ALL -- david monahan dublin june 4th 2014

close to the edge

Hi all. Big thanks to all of you for all of your support to date. Things are looking good ,but still a lot of pushing to get this over the line. As this is an attempt to raise 50% of the cost of production of a book and it is an all or nothing system.We must raise the full amount to get any money! we can not really afford to falter and there are only a few more stones left to turn. So I ask of those who have pledged an amount already would it be possible to upgrade that amount if thing are looking tight. Its an easy process and I am not asking this of any one who feels stretched already financially,but 12 upgrades from the book for example to the special edition with limited edition print will mean another €1000 straight away. And a couple of €500 pledges at this point will make it easily happen. there are still a choice of 28 fantastic prints for this offer the shots of O'Connell street and Liberty lane being the only ones tied up at the moment.See these works at http://www.davidmonahan.eu/a-survey-for-the-departed(just cut and paste into your browser) So once more a huge thanks to all and at the very least if all of you redouble your efforts to put the links to the offer out there on your social networks,facebook,twitter,gooogleplus etc. well then we increase the chance of this books sailing. all the best for now David

Into the critical phase

Hi all,thanks for all of the help and commitment so far received. Tomorrow I return home after a four and a half week whirlwind tour of the Americas I have shot lots of film and I am sure I have made some killer new work for the book.I can't wait to share some of the new stuff with you via my blog and I will get on it as soon as I make it home and have access to my scanner(I processed all films in on the road so all is looking good) Things have been building slowly since the project launched a few weeks ago.Now as with all of these projects we enter the critical phase the last two weeks of the offer. It is imperative that over the next week we climb quickly to the 50% mark to instil a sense of confidence in those who want to help but are on the periphery for the moment. Please push out the word once more on your social networks,Tweet,post and share urls back to this page! Thanks to all of you for your commitment to making this a success. David

a relevant post to share

Hi all once more a big thanks to all of you for supporting this project. the following url will take you too a new post on the lilliputian (my blogger page) please share it amongst your contacts to boost traffic to the fundit offer. Here is the Url http://thelillipution.blogspot.ie/2014/05/time-for-action.html thanks David

the link

Hi all BIG THANKS for all the support so far! Here is a relevant post on the lilliputian it outlines the course to be taken to the book from here. http://thelillipution.blogspot.ie/2014/04/a-beautiful-begining-to-end.html Please share it on your networks and encourage friends support the project! Thanks

a relevant post

Hi all BIG THANKS for all the support so far! Here is a relevant post on the lilliputian it outlines the course to be taken to the book from here. Please share it on your networks and encourage friends support the project! Thanks

Big thanks for a great start!

thanks to all for getting this book project off to a great start. My aim here is to give supporters of the project the opportunity to receive value from their investment in this works. so therefor the offer is restricted to the book as reward for support however there are 3 variations on this theme and the top Reward with this project, for a pledge of €500 euros, includes a signed limited edition of the book with a one off print and a very special editioned print from the series a survey for the departed.(see the bottom most link on the left for the series or cut and paste this http://www.davidmonahan.eu/a-survey-for-the-departed) This series is a central part of the On Leaving project and returns at dawn to the sites where the Leaving Dublin series was made to survey the city on behalf of its departed inhabitants inquiring as to how the city looks now and how it has changed,or indeed how it has stayed the same since the fateful night when the parting shot was put down. 20 only of these works will be made available through this offer This series will only ever be printed in edition of 5 plus an artists proof and therefor this opening price for the first print in the edition is very keen. One of each of the images will be available up to the point where 20 prints are sold at which point the offer will close. Considering the rarity of work due to the limited print run, and with the remaining works starting at €500ea, this offer constitutes a fantastic opportunity to buy a print and receive the limited edition book and print for free. oncs more you can scope the work at http://www.davidmonahan.eu/a-survey-for-the-departed

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