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Open House



Open House is a new site-specific physical theatre piece directed by Ayesha Mailey (Echo Echo) and will be performed in a local home on October 25th 2013

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our project. We are really looking forward to creating and performing this new work. The piece will be directed by myself, Ayesha Mailey and performed by ensemble members of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company.


The piece is set in a large townhouse in Derry, Northern Ireland and is part of the City of Culture programme.

Both myself and the performers work on a freelance and often voluntary basis with Echo Echo and we are very lucky to have the support of the company in terms of organisational resources and studio space. Echo Echo can not provide financial support for this project but I have secured half of the original budget for this project from The Culture Company’s Individual Artist Awards. I hope to raise a further £1800 to cover essential project costs.

About the project
The inspiration for this piece came from leaving a house party and looking back through the window as it continued. We have all walked through a residential area at dusk when the lights are on but the curtains have not yet been drawn. It is intriguing how telling the action inside can be from the street and that in a few seconds you can see characters, relationships and stories emerge. The idea is to use this beautiful home as a playground to create and perform in. The piece will be viewed from the street with the performance happening in front of the house and at the front windows.

We are hoping to raise £1800 for the following:

£300 for publicity 
£500 for video & photography 
£300 or site fees (to cover extra heating & electricity costs as well as the upheaval to family life)
£100 for costume & props 
£500 for a gazebo & viewing platform 
£100 for fees and transport for materials 

Any contribution you can make to this project will be greatly appreciated and will help to me to realise a long awaited choreographic dream!

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!