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By Ophelia McCabe


Hello and thank you for checking out my project.

My name is Ophelia. I am a HipHop artist from Dublin, living in Cork.

I have been mc'n (rapping & singing) since 2003 and now have a 13 track debut album to record & release.

My musical journey has taken many twists and turns and I found myself unable to acquire the quality of sound I've been seeking for many years due to finances and personal reasons.
I began to coach and teach the youth about lyricism and vocalism in 2008 in order to fund my own projects and have slowly built my label SPLOSION records at my home location.

Now I have found the facility and the right team for me to realize my debut album dream and I need the financial backing to push forward and make it happen.

I plan to spend the funding on the following after receiving good sound advice from my creative peers.

- Recording Live album in Bow Lane studios which will be filmed by a inde film company for DVD bonus. Mixing and Mastering.

- I will be creating a video with a collective of artists for my song 'Save Our Souls' to be aired prior to the album release on local TV and the net.

- Single Vinyl press of two of the songs from the Album

- The physical press, print and promotion of the album on an independent level.

- Label and artist logos and admin

I have been improvising live with bands (mixtapes from the underground, organic wings trio & scribble sound system) and playing sets with DJ's (DJ Moschops) for many years and so it makes sense to me to record a live and filmed studio album. I wish also to master two tracks for a limited addition Vinyl press in keeping with HipHop tradition. Most of any material available to check out is on www.youtube.com/opheliamc or updates, gigs and contact on www/facebook.com/opheliamc

In December 2012 I will launch my label and my album (CD with DVD bonus, limited addition Vinyl & Video) at both Dublin and Cork Venues with special guest artists and invitation to all funders.

Thanks for taking the time to read this eager artists plea to grow!




Learning everyday

I want to send the most sincere thanks to everyone that has supported me and to the background encouragers that have kept pushing me to hop off the project. During the time this project has run an amazing amount of activity kicked off in my musical life... gigs, college entrance exams and rap workshops in primary schools.. A truly big ask I have embraced. Through making this project live I have realized everything I need to do next time! I'm an all or nothing person striving for balance... so with every risk comes a wealth of knowledge.


Honestly, I don't know what to say but I do feel like sharing some of what I am going through. At first I thought this project going live was too much for me. I experienced such tiredness a few days in, such doubt. In the past I would never ask for help. My new life is about opening up enough to risk asking for what I need. In doing so I expose myself and leave myself open to whatever the universe sends me, which is challenging. I am so humbled by the support and encouragement I have received so far. Even if this project does not succeed within the time, I shall bring with me the love I'm being filled with and make it happen regardless. i am however, full of hope and belief. Thank you all xOphelia

10% reached!

I'm so very grateful to all that have pledged funding so far. Hopefully we'll get there. 10% has a very good feeling attached x

So very pleased

I've just checked my fundit project for the first time and see that some very generous people have started the ball rolling for me. Thanks you so much so far... lets hope I reach my target. Ophelia

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