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'ORB' A Novel

By Francisco Rebollo


'ORB' -An Aeronautical Love Story from an Altered World.

Part Spiritual/Paranormal Sci-Fi, part Techno-Mystical Thriller. (Please see Blurb below...)

Publisher: 'Maha Crafts' (Summer 2015.)
Approximately 240 pages paperback
Approximate dimensions: 14cm x 21cm x 1.5cm
Language: English

After 18 years as a professional pilot, I can honestly say that there have been things up there in the sky which I've seen and have left me spellbound.
Years of cruising and looking out the window of my aircraft at the world below, combined with my 'runaway imagination' have produced a story which offers a possible explanation to my innermost questions.

Knowing that there is nothing more wonderful than the love of a child, I decided to make that the driving force in my novel.

The 'altered world' in which events take place, is not that different form ours; and yet we could all easily find ourselves in it if we are not careful, or worse... leave it to future generations to be born into.

After commencing the 3rd draft of this novel it became clear to me that my subconscious had been busy for years at bringing a lot of experiences and questions together.

You can check out my poetry and articles at www.flycisco.blogspot.ie
You can follow 'ORB' on facebook.

Thank you for considering supporting my project.



The novel is finished and is with an editor at the moment.

The next step is formatting for ebook and printed version.

A wonderful artist called Cathal O'Regan from west Cork is developing a concept for the book cover.

Please follow the face book page for daily teasers, information and updates.


‘A pilot longs to be a father…
A child with a gift…
An irresistible intruder…
An encounter with the unknown…
the Orb nears.’

On a dark night an old turboprop aircraft makes its way across the sky. Inside it, is Oannes Jones -a young Captain who has found his purpose in playing father to a young child not of his own.
His life is about to be changed by a dangerous mid-air encounter with a mysterious ball of light –the Orb.
The encounter awakens him to a new reality; life, the world and even dreams begin to look and feel different. His friends begin to change as well. Clues are seemingly laid out for him to follow.
As Oannes strives to find love and balance in this new reality, dark forces begin to encircle him.
Soon, he realises the child he loves above all else, is in danger. As he tries to do all he can to protect her, it dawns on him that he may actually be the greatest threat to her safety.
As a shadowy plot nears completion, an escape takes place which will -in turn- change everything for many; not the least, for the child whom Oannes loves.

The Orb nears.
Everyone changes.
Here goes the autopilot…



ORB Book Launch!

Dear funder, You are hereby cordially invited to ORB's official book launch on Tuesday November the 3rd, at 7:45pm in de Barra's Folk Club, Clonakilty, Co. Cork. There will be readings, Q & A, and more. The launch will be followed by the monthly spoken word event including an original film screening by Cork poet Colm Scully. Please see details on Facebook: 'ORB Book Launch' (event)

Proof copy

Dear funders, I have received the proof copy of 'ORB.' I'm very happy with the quality of the printing. One final check will be carried out on the text. After that, it is only a matter of a few weeks and the bulk of the final book will be with me. I will contact you at that stage to get your copy to you. The same with those of you who are getting posters and e-books. Once again thank you! The Orb nears.

Book Cover and progress

Dear funders, I am proud to finally reveal the cover for ORB . I can't post it here so please visit my 'author' FB page : 'Francisco Rebollo Author' Proof is on the way from printer and we're only a few weeks away now. I will let you know as soon as I have the books with me. Thank you.


Dear funders: Just a quick update, FUNDING: I'm waiting for 'fundit' to finalise the funding transactions. Once again thank you to all who pre-ordered through them. PRODUCTION: I should have the 'proof copy' in my hands by next week. A proof copy is the book, essentially, every page will look the way it's supposed to -as opposed to- the way it looks on a 'word' document. It's the last chance to make changes or corrections... nervous now. DESIGN: The cover design has gone through some experiments and the final version should be ready soon. TIME-FRAME: I aim to ship out all the pre-ordered copies out to you some time in August and will keep you posted. You will have your pre-ordered copies well before the official launch. BOOK LAUNCH: There will be one, and you are all invited down to Clonakilty for it. Not sure yet about exact date and time; but, once again, I'll let you know. Hope you can make it. ...the Orb nears... more info to follow.

cover design

Cover design is in progress featuring the art of Cathal O Regan a local Clonakilty artist. Please see the ORB FB page for more.

ORB featured at Clonakilty's Organic Arts Festival

Sneak preview readings of ORB were held at the Clonakilty's Organic Arts Festival 'Spoken Word' events

Publisher correction

Published by 'Drombeg' books.

The project is now environmentally responsible through the 'Clonakilty Forest' project!

http://clonakiltyforest.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/ORB/623661681103941?fref=nf

Publisher change

Published by: Dolmen Books

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