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Our Mental Health

By Edvinas Maciulevicius



This doc features personal stories from five young people in Ireland that come together to shine light on the stigma that surrounds mental health. All the young people featured in the doc come from different backgrounds but all share similar mental health struggles whether be it now, or in the past. Experts including one or two famous public figures share their views on the concept of mental health in Ireland.


The Team

Cathal Murphy- I'm a part-time worker in 'Here's Health' who advises customers on products that can help improve their mental health and I study Psychology and Economics in college.

Amy O' Regan - I'm a full-time journalist and mental health blogger. I have been studying psychology books and mental health the last 5 years.

Only half a year ago the four of us wore strangers to each other, but working on this project has brought us all closely together.


Where Will the Money be Going?

The money is going towards the production of the film - travel costs, lighting costs, sound equipment and sound production.

We are looking for this money to make our film sound and look as appealing and effective as possible.

We have already invested in our own DSLR Camera and just need these costs to further our production in things such as:
1. Renting out light equipment for 10 or more days of shooting interviews
2. Travel expenses - some interviews might need to be shot in Dublin
3. Sound equipment - we have most equipment but some days we might require to rent out sound equipment
4. Post production in sound - we need to hire someone to do the soundtrack for the film


Challanges We've Overcome so Far

One challenge was getting the word out there and getting publicity - but we overcame this with a huge following on our Facebook, Twitter and getting articles published on our project in papers like The Examiner, online news outlets such as alustforlife.ie, as well as having discussions on local radio stations such as UCC FM and 96FM.

Premiering the event - finding a venue to host our premiere event was a bit challenging at the beginning but we got the people from Crane Lane in Cork on board! 


Dear Supporter
"Thanks very much for taking part in this movement, Ireland has come a long way in de-stigmatising the concept of mental health. This project is another step in improving our society's well-being." - Ed, Cathal, Billy and Amy.