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Out of thin air

By Daragh Muldowney


Snowflakes appear literally out of thin air. They are born high above us within grey winter clouds, where the simple act of freezing turns formless water vapour into spectacular crystalline ice sculptures. Over millions of years snowflakes compact and glaciers are formed. Nature has a habit of creating incredible majestic beauty from out of thin air.

In June 2013, the crew aboard the ‘Killary Flyer’ and I set sail from Killary Harbour. Eighteen days and three wild storms later we arrived in Greenland ready to explore the world’s largest island in a number of different ways.

The Arctic has always had an allure, something that draws us in. Explorers have always felt the need to search and push themselves further and further. For some it is the taking the human body to hostile climates, for others it is one of the true wilderness areas left on our planet. For me ice is a mysterious beauty that continues to astound me. Surreal glaciers with invitations to explore the sublime yet dangerous blue caves, vast seascapes of countless ice sculptures journeying with the tide reducing to exquisite pieces of art that mostly go unseen.

There is so much diversity in the type of ice here that the local Inuits have at least 100 different words to describe the ice. Here’s a few of them:

iluitsuq  - large ice floe
naggutit - bits of floating ice
uukkarnit  - calved ice (from end of glacier)

Being a very fortunate observer of these disappearing sculpture fields, I feel compelled to share my vision and the peace that comes from seeing such wonderful beauty. Many reports indicate that in 25 years time there will be no more floating ice around Greenland. This will be my second book, my first being 'Jewellery Box - Ireland's Hidden Gems', an internationally acclaimed hardback book and exhibition about the rock pools of Ireland. http://dulraphotography.com/Projects/jewellery-box.html This publication was also funded here on Fundit.

'out of thin air' will be a very different style of book. It will be a larger format (285mm x 330mm) with 170gsm uncoated paper stock and a case bound cloth cover. I am delighted to share with you that 'Read that Image' are onboard as designers and are managing the timelines to ensure that we meet the production deadlines. They have brought some wonderful design concepts to ensure that this book not only is a fantastic representation of my images but that it is a work of art in itself.

I believe this collection of images to be my strongest body of work yet and I am extremely excited by the prospect of compiling them in photo book form.

I have set out a number of rewards below and I hope you will find something that you find worthwhile and meets your budget.

I look forward to chatting with you over the course of the campaign.


Video shot by Claire Riordan and edited by Peter Farrell
Additional footage by Shigeki Nishikawa and Daragh Muldowney
Music by Klaus Vormehr