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P0RN! a new play

By Ella Skolimowski


P0RN! is a provocative, fast-paced and formally unconventional play examining the impact of pornography on the people who consume and make it. It tells the story of three adult content creators: a pornography addict seeking ever-larger platforms to showcase his sexual talents; his reluctant and exploited partner; and a schoolboy who finds excitement and validation in the seemingly anonymous world of online cam rooms. The themes include addiction, coercive control, sexual violence, and the impact of pornography on young people.

P0RN! will be staged at Smock Alley Theatre on 22 + 23 FEB. Your support enables us to:

  • Properly remunerate this incredibly strong cast for the time they have spent preparing the piece for presentation to an audience.
  • Support staging and set design.
  • Allow the team to expand the work into a full length piece for a future Dublin run.

Our team:
Award-nominated drama writer Ella Skolimowski
Cara Jade Chapman as A
Daniel Mahony as B
Benjamin Reilly as C
Directed by Aneta Dina Keder

Our performance has already been fully risk assessed, including putting appropriate COVID-protocols in place for rehearsal and performance.

Audience support is more important than ever: we're in the unusual position of beginning production without knowing what our box office take and budget is, and our theatre capacity has changed twice since we began development work.

Please consider supporting this timely exploratory piece, especially if you won't be joining us in the theatre, to make sure the talent in this team is properly supported to do their best work. Think of all the money you've saved on theatre tickets in the last 2 years, and join this conversation about the impact of pornography on our relationships and society.