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Paper Lanterns: YA Literary Journal

By Paper Lanterns


What is Paper Lanterns?

Paper Lanterns is a literary journal for teen and YA readers. We accept and will publish creative writing, artwork, essays, and book reviews from contributors as young as 13, as well as adults.
We especially want to give young writers and artists a platform to showcase their work and an outlet for their self-expression.

We will also have an online teen and YA book club with every issue, connecting readers from all over the world. We will choose two books for each issue, one for teens and one for young adults. 

Our budget and our goals: Plan B!

In light of the madness that March brought, we have had to change our plans. We had been arranging to supply our journal to approximately twenty bookshops across Ireland. Sadly, these bookshops have had to close until further notice. So, for now, we are aiming to print within the next month and we will sell directly from our website. 

The printing fee we are working with at the moment is: €559 for 200 copies.


The names and faces behind the project:

Grace, Ruth, and Amy met in Trinity College Dublin in 2018, while studying for their M.Phil. in Children's Literature. They all review books for Children's Books Ireland. Grace and Ruth have had their work published in various journals in Ireland and the UK. Amy is currently working in publishing. Ruth is a bookseller and the Teen/YA buyer at the Dubray Liffey Valley branch. 
Amy and Ruth have been on the PR and marketing team with the Dublin Book Festival over the past two years. Grace teaches writing to children and young teens at the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland (CTYI) in DCU.

Ruth Ennis

Amy O'Sullivan

Grace Kelley

What is our biggest risk?

Our biggest risks are the change in our marketing plan and online sales. As the bookshops have temporarily closed, we don't have booksellers promoting and selling the journal for us at this time. We have had to move some deadlines back to accommodate the change in plans surrounding marketing, printing, and postage. Now we need to promote our online sales through our social media channels, and spend the time packaging and posting our journal to homes directly. 

Thank you!! 

Thank you so much for clicking on our page and taking an interest in our journal. We're so grateful for your support. No donation is too small. Thank you!




Dear Funders,


By now, you will have received an email from us about your reward. For those of you who chose 'no reward', then we won't need any further information from you. 


We want to take this time to thank you all again, and to remind you that our submissions are now open for Issue 2. If you have any writers, book reviewers, or artists in your life, or if you are one, we would love to hear from them and/or you! Submission details are available on our website.


In the meantime, make sure to look out for our email, if you haven't responded already. We can't wait to get Issue 1 sent out to you!


What a week!

To all our generous donors,

Thank you so very much. We are astounded. We're a little lost for words...

We can't wait to get this journal to print and into your hands. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

We have just over 24 hours until this campaign wraps up. Thank you for the shares, likes, retweets... If you know of anyone else who might be interested in using this campaign to pre-order a copy, buy a year's subscription, or become a Patron, please feel free to keep sharing our Fundit page. 

We'll be in touch once the campaign has closed. For now, keep well - and stay safe and sane!

Thank you,

Grace, Ruth, Amy



Day 1: Gratitude

We are shocked, humbled, and extremely grateful.

We reached our target in a matter of hours. Thank you to ALL our donors. Your generosity and support mean the world to us. 

We still have the rest of the week to go, so we'll be sticking with our plan, posting content, encouraging readers to use this as a chance to pre-order their copy. The additional funds will enable us to print more copies and post them out to all of you. 

So, here's one more thank you for today! 

Happy Easter! 

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