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Paperback Time Machine

By TMT Productions


September 15th, 1955. Captain Denis P. Casey sets sail from New York Harbour aboard the Queen Mary for the last time. Since he first arrived there, at the end of World War II, he's kept a journal of all his experiences, and he'll keep it a secret for almost 60 years. This is the story of a young, old man, whose quest to find his place and time in New York City includes ridiculous encounters with movie stars, famed musicians, and the girl of his dreams. On the course of his adventure he realises that he’s not the first Irishman to roam the streets and avenues of the Big Apple, and he certainly won’t be the last.

Well folks, the time has come! I can officially announce that the wheels are finally in motion on the most exciting and terrifying project of my life so far. One way or another, I will be performing my first adventure into the world of play writing during this year's Fringe Festival season. Edinburgh is confirmed, and my Dublin venue is booked and awaiting festival programming, so it's all terribly exciting!

Such an endeavour requires some hefty financial commitments, and so, I turn to you, kind friends and family, for your support. Among the many costs are the venue rental, festival registration fees, marketing and PR, as well as the construction of a set and the purchase of various props and costumes. Needless to say, they add up to quite an amount.

The project is already supported by some of the cream of Irish theatre, including Matt Smyth, Dan Colley and Jack Gleeson of Collapsing Horse, Zia Holly, Denis Clohessy, Jamie O'Neill, and Stewart Parker Award-winning playwright, Genevieve Hulme-beaman. Just seeing all those names in one place fills me with inspiration and encouragement, and their advice and expertise has so far kept me from losing my mind among all the Fringe forms and script re-writes.

As with all things like this, any contribution at all will make a difference, and will be met with endless gratitude from the latest Irish actor to take matters into his own hands.

Peace and love,