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Gorgeous, energetic and sensory over-loaded, this autumn PaperDolls will be treating our audience to aerial performance, 360-degree surround sound, stunning visuals and a full-size paper maze! As part of ABSOLUT Fringe,  PaperDolls' self-titled show will take place over 6 nights from the 14th - 19th of September in the Complex, Smithfield.


It all started when four ladies gathered to discuss a mutual problem: they wanted to fly but had nowhere to do it in their city. Their driving passion was aerial – performing with airborne circus equipment like trapeze, hoop, rope and silks. After years of ad-hoc aerial training they had run out of patience and began an exhaustive search for a space to train. In January 2011, they finally found their training and performance home – the Complex, a city-centre venue that was the answer to their prayers.

From vastly diverse backgrounds, the Dolls found the creative chemistry between them urgently needed an outlet. They had met each other for a reason, to realise their childhood imaginings of wild adventures, mystifying spectacles and immensely invigorating happenings.


The PaperDolls know the talent that exists in the city of Dublin and have immersed themselves in the hidden creative secrets that a city like this cultivates. Borrowing from their past lives as visual artists, musicians, circus kids, cabaret performers, yogis, carpenters and writers, PaperDolls incorporate a host of youthful Irish talent in their creative conquests. With the success of their inaugural show at the Body and Soul Festival agitating the embers, PaperDolls is currently developing a most ambitious project for ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 and are extremely excited about it.

The Dolls are working with musician Laura Sheeran to develop an original and integrative score, ambisonics technician Michael Kearns to create the multi-directional audio experience, visual artist Susan Walsh and a large team of set designers and installation artists who are building the labyrinth inside the walls of the Complex. And that’s to name but a few.


The scale of this incredible project means we really need YOUR HELP. We are determined that Dublin will become a place where artists can train in aerial and go on to stage high quality theatrical productions. So we are asking you, our supporters and audience to be patrons of our show. The money will go towards essential production costs like costume and set design materials and allow us to make the first aerial show performed in Dublin by Dublin-trained artists. We want our creativity to be formed by Dublin and to stay in Dublin and your generosity will allow that to happen. Be part of this exciting process!

Thank you!

Niamh, Emily, Elaine & Karen.




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PaperDolls at ABSOLUT Fringe from ela mc c on Vimeo.

For many reasons, news of PaperDolls has been a little slack round here, but news there is. The amazing PaperDoll Elaine McCague (our Rope girl) put together a promo video of our mammoth ABSOLUT Fringe show 'Paperdolls', which captures the quote unquote "kinetic" marvels of our extraordinary creative adventure which made 2011 a hurricane of grand proportions for me personally and for the group. The video also captures the brilliant composition by beautiful, talented, wonderful composer Laura Sheeran which was such a fundamental part of our show's success, and some of the gargantuan amounts of work that went into producing this show with contributions from over 20 artists not to mention the support we received from fans, family and our amazing creative friends. More reportage to follow - just let me get my bearings on the new year and all it brings!

Soaring beyond the 3/4 way mark!

whoop whoop whooop whooooOP whoOOOOOP ........And we've blasted passed the 3/4 way mark !! On behalf of everyone involved with the PaperDolls collaborative project, I Elaine Doll wish to shout out my window and beyond to thank each and every person who has so kindly funded us through our Fund It campaign. We have truly been blown away by your support! Today was our first day of the next 6 in the Complex, where we will be working day and night to get the show fully developed and choreographed, whilst our most coolest team will be working around us to start work on and build the most exciting of sets you may ever step foot in. We are so looking forward to the week ahead not only for the hard, hard work and yep hard work but for the development of a project that could only come out of the collaboration of so many most bodacious creatives. I cannot wait to see what Friday looks like, nevermind what it will sound like! Smithfield will very soon be hearing the most gorgeous sounds of Laura Sheeran via an ambisonic sound system operated by our sound man Mick - who I must mention makes one hell of a Bearded Lady (those of you who joined us for our Dr. Sketchys party on Sunday last will know exactly what I mean ;) Definitely one to watch out for ... he he he... If you missed us at our last party, you can catch us on Saturday 13th of August in the Button Factory where the PaperDolls will be making an appearance at The LoveCats Farewell Burlesque Show. Karen Doll is working on an aerial performance especially for the night! One not to be missed!! Also to keep in mind the PaperDolls will be performing at The Burlesque & Cabaret Social Club on the 19th of August at The Sugar Club and Emily Aoibheann Doll will be returning to the Sugar Club on the 20th of August for the Big Bang drum festival (she's a drummer too you know!) performing a piece all about rhythm..... wow so many exciting happenings over the next couple of weeks ..... and then of course it's ABSOLUT Fringe time .... and a SHOW that could not be made without YOUR support. We still have that last leg of the campaign to go..... and if we don't make our target we don't keep any of the funding.... we are doing so well.... just 7 days to go.......so if you can we appreciate any support you can give us! Again we thank you so very very much ... and we so excitingly look forward to seeing you all between September 14th - 19th in the Complex. Prepare to be aMazed! (i just had to say it) over and out Elaine Doll;) Here are some awesome photos of our PaperDolls/ Dr. Sketchy's party by visual artist and honourary PaperDoll Susan Walsh, which we hosted on Sunday evening, the 7th of August in the Complex Smithfield. Thanks to Scarlett Nymph and the other Dr. Sketchy's collaborators for helping to organise this event as well as performers, Bella A Go Go, Arlene Caffrey and the ACROBANDITS and all the wonderful helpers and audience we had that night! Karen Doll: PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh Emily and Elaine Doll: PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh Niamh Doll: PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh Posing for a 20 minute sketch with our amazing collaborators and the candy cane tall bike! PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh Laura Sheeran sketching away: PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh More sketchers: PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh Goblin Face a.k.a. Bella A Go Go who performed on the night: PaperDolls by Emily Aoibheann Arlene Caffrey showing her amazing strength! PaperDolls/ Dr.Sketchy's by Susan Walsh For more images and updates visit: PaperDollsPerformance.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PaperDolls/189733977745319?ref=ts Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/paperdolls_ire

Greetings from the half-way mark!

We have now reached and glided over the half way mark! The PaperDolls are feeling the love and support of their lovely funders! Thank you, thank you times 31!! (Thank you mammy Anderson and daddy Anderson for tipping us over the half way mark this day!!) We are only getting more and more excited about the show with the more progress we make. We have been doing much movement work with the fantastic contemporary dancer Kathleen Doherty, bringing much experience and inspiration to our movements. The model making team are on a roll (really hard to avoid making paper roll joke), with their masterful mechanical minds and skilled hands the maze will be aMazing! A huge thanks to the Complex, our venue for the show, for being the absolute best and considering us part of the family. Our wee paper hearts have been warmed! We had seriously good fun at Bella A Go Go's Steampunk Show number 2 last weekend where our gorgeous Emily Doll (Blackbird) performed hilarious and stunning pieces. Aaannnd I was lucky enough to have met some of our enthusiastic funders! Really nice to have faces to the names! Think we might be good time addicts for we have so much planned over the next few weeks! I am really looking forward to the PaperDolls Dr. Sketchy's party this coming Sunday, 7th of August, especially after seeing what loveliness Emily and Scarlett have planned for the evening! Along with the fabulous Bella A GoGo and pole fitness champion Arlene Caffrey, we just received confirmation that the Acrobandits will be performing! Cannot wait to be amazed by their uber fantastic acro-balance performance! On Saturday 13th of August in the Button Factory you will find the PaperDolls making an appearance at The LoveCats Farewell Burlesque Show. Dublin is loosing some fine performers and artists to the southern hemisphere so this farewell show promises the LoveCats to go out with a BANG! I feel extremely lucky to be performing an aerial piece with Irelands top burlesque troupe and adding to the bang of the night! More folks, there is more! At The Burlesque & Cabaret Social Club on the 19th of August the PaperDolls will be performing a special aerial performance to christen The Sugar Club's new rigging point that manager Oisín Davis has been busily organising especially on our behalf. Uh I sound so impatient but I cannot wait for this night of performance extraodinaire too! So come funders, come all, watch, enjoy and have the craic with us at any or all of these fabulous nights!! Thanks a million for ye are keeping us extremely happy and for tolerating my terrible puns. Many hugs Karen Anderson at the half way mark! Elaine, Fionnuala our project manager and Karen sporting some lovely paper accessories for the launch of ABSOLUT Fringe: Photobucket Our fast and cool origami fliers which we distributed at the ABSOLUT Fringe Launch: Photobucket We were delighted to be featured on the front cover of Metro paper as part of the ABSOLUT Launch on the 21st July: Photobucket More photos and updates on our website: www.paperdollsperformance.com Add us on facebook: http://on.fb.me/odl6So And on Twitter: PaperDolls_IRE

The quater way mark and lots of fun to be had!

Wow! We are so happy with the response in support of PaperDolls' campaign thus far. 19 fabulous funders and almost one quarter of our target raised. That's terrific! Watching the numbers grow really makes us squeal and glow with delight. The other day we recited the list of wonderous funders aloud and gave a huge cheer after each name. Honestly, we are so touched by your generosity, interest, support and general attention and good nature. It's so cool! With most of the hard slog of paper work and digital paper work and foundation building, and corresponding and launching and coordinating done (phew!) we are now really getting to enjoy working on the creative content of this beast and it's like magic tonic for the soul. We are really excited about the energy this piece is generating and we are so excited to see how that will manifest in the live performance. Much to look forward to! I wanted to let you know that we have some fun fun fun plans lined up in the next few weeks starting this Friday the 29th at Bella A Go Go's Steampunk show in the Sugar Club where I will be performing two solo pieces (under the pseudonym Blackbird) and the other PaperDolls will be making an appearance in elaborate costume to spread the word about this brilliant madness of ours! On Sunday 7th of August we will be hosting a very special event in the Complex, Smithfield, in collaboration with Dr. Sketchy's, to raise money for and promote our show. With performances from PaperDolls, the gorgeous Bella A GoGo and pole dance extraordinaire Arlene Caffrey this will be an event in itself and a great chance to meet our team of young creatives. Photobucket More in the pipeline! But for now, MANY THANKS! You have made us very very happy. Keep truckin'! Emily Aoibheann at the quarter way mark.

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