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Pat Coldrick...The Second Album. CityJam

By Pat Coldrick


Since my return to music 4 years ago I have been on an incredible journey musically with my first album 'Cayendo' reaching every corner of the globe and receiving critical acclaim and all positive feedback from everyone who has heard it. The album featured the ever popular 'Lament' which has been recorded by many artists worldwide and touched the hearts of many who have connected with its musical spirit. In the last two years I have been writing and performing new music which includes a new concept  for the Classical Guitar. This adds a visual aspect to the pieces as well as embracing technology and creating ground-breaking effects never used before. This enhances the dynamic range of the music and the guitar, taking the listening experience to another level.

The feedback from "live" performances of this new material such as Antarctica, Cityjam, Aurora and Elena has been amazing from all audiences, prompting me to record a new album to capture the hypnotic effect these pieces have on people. The project will embark on exploring new recording techniques and a new modern approach to listening to Classical Music.

To enable the high quality I always aim for, and the professional presentation of the package which includes studio time, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, album duplication, artwork, photography, marketing, album launch and HD broadcast quality video production, it is necessary to seek funding  to continue with my project. Over the last few years I have seen the interest in my music grow and grow and many who know me and have seen me perform know that I give 100% to my work. As an artist my main aim is to always connect with the listener and have always advocated that Classical Music is for all to enjoy and with your support will see this new album come to fruition.

This album  will reflect what I am about musically and one I feel will be a great addition to the world of music. Up to now all my music and musical profile has been funded on a zero budget but with your pledge through this Fund it campaign you will be able to pre-order your album plus take advantage of the various rewards on offer for your contribution. This is a great opportunity to come on board and though it is an epic task I have always believed in people power and am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported my music up to now. I thoroughly look forward to your support on this one folks, to date my biggest challenge. Please join me and thank you for enabling a dream to come true.
Pat Coldrick



Albums and Rewards on the way

Hi everyone, just to let you know your rewards are on the way and as i have to pack each one individualy it is taking a little time so apoligies for the delay. Many of you have sent me your postal address's but im still waiting on more, so if you get this notification forward me your address thank you. Realy excited at the moment as it has been a fabulous achievment by everyone involved and so far the reviews and feedback have neen excellent on the album. Thanks again folks. Best Wishes,Pat

Mission Impossible Accomplished

Mission Impossible Acomplished **************************** It gives me great pleasure to announce that the new album CITYJAM is now in my hands and ready along with all your Fundit Rewards to be posted out to you. My appoligies for the delay as we had to make sure every small detail was in order before manufacturing as the CD package is very elaborate and detailed. Thank you for your patience but above all thank you for coming onboard and supporting me with your pledges. This campaign has been one of the most succesfull Fundit Campaigns since this platform was launched and I also thank Fundit for their great website, help and guidance all throughout the campaign. Many thought our target was impossible but again we defied the odds and reached our target of 15,000 euro with still 2 weeks left to go in the campaign. 110% Funded! An extra 1,500 was then added over the remaining course of the campaign leaving a total of 16,500 euro collected in 8 weeks total! A record, and a fantastic response by all my friends. To see this show of interest for the Classical Guitar has sincerely touched me and great for our instrument, thank you. The 2nd purpose of this update is important also as I need each and everyone of you to email me your postal address’s to patcoldrick@yahoo.com so I can post your well deserved rewards out to you. Thank u all again, this has been such a worthwhile and rewarding project and I look forward to you all receiving the new album, it has been a brilliant team effort. An album by the people for the people. Thank you. Best Wishes, Pat Coldrick


Would like to announce that the project is now 100% Funded and people are still coming onboard to pre-order the album.I cant thank you all enough for the great belief and support making this one of the most succesfull Fundit Campaigns ever and still 16 days left of the campaign! Thanking each and everyone of you who came onboard and to all at Fundit for their great support and fantastic platform they provide for all artists and entrepreneurs.Cant tell you how excited i feel and look forward now to recording the album and taking note of everyones donation so i can fullfill all your rewards.Thanks everyone,this is very special and be proud of yourselves for keeping great music alive.A great day for music..thank you all. Pat Coldrick.

So close now.

Great news folks.With all your support to date the campaign is now 83% funded and although it has been a long road and a lot of work,what we have achieved thanks to you all is imense.We have 20 days left to hopefuly get the last 2500 needed to reach our target and it looks like going down to the wire however im remaining focused and believing a few more will come onboard to see this album come to fruition.If anyone would like to pledge more or take advantage of the rewards on offer you can do so and i would ask you to keep spreading the word which hopefully will see us over the line which will be an unbelievable achievment in these tough times.Again,a sincere thanks to you all so far,i cant thank you enough. God Bless,Pat

Great News

What can I say at this stage. Such a show of support since last week and a big congratulations to Anne Moroney who was our 100th funder. Anne will receive a copy of my Album "Cayendo" in the post. We are now at 65% of our target.We still need to raise 5500.00 which is a mammoth task but personally I think achievable. If 275 people pre order my album within the next 36 days we will reach our target.Or why not get your office group to have me playing at your Christmas party,dinner or corporate event and pay through the fundit campaign.Or a private christmas party in your own home where I will serenade you for the evening. 101 of you have very generously pledged to this fund. If each one of you could get a friend or family member to pledge also we will achieve our target.Again I cant thank you enough for your great show of support to me and my music and I look forward to sharing my new album with you all.Pat

Half way there folks!!

We are so pleased with all the very generous pledges so far for my campaign.I cant believe that already we have reached 50% funding and we have 49 days to go. This is all due to your generous response and eagerness to be a part of my Album, and nothing will give me greater pleasure than including you all in this venture. But we cant rest on our laurels just yet as we have another 50% to go. But I have every confidence in my fans and friends and all we need is 745 more people to pledge 10 euro each or 372 people to pledge 20 euro each. This is a fun way of keeping track of funding and I will post new figures each week so you can maybe get involved and encourage your friends and family to take part. Again many thanks to you all for your belief in this project and I promise you my new album CityJam will not disappoint. Pat.

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