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Pat Ingoldsby Selected Poems 1986-2021

By Museum Of Literature Ireland (MoLI)



In Dublin they really tell you things - Pat Ingoldsby, Selected Poems 1986 - 2021’ 

In March the Museum of Literature Ireland will host a beautiful new film, The Peculiar Sensation of Being Pat Ingoldsby (directed by Seamus Murphy) and, to celebrate this launch, will publish a first ever Selected Poems of Pat Ingoldsby. 'In Dublin they really tell you things' will be a beautiful limited edition hardback spanning Pat’s life as a poet and gathers together for the first time poems from across Pat’s published works (and some unpublished poems including poems written during the Covid-19 pandemic).

We hope this overdue collection will celebrate Pat’s career to date and serve to introduce a new generation to his writing as he explores the importance of the inner child, individualism, his relationship with Dublin, her people and the streets where he sells his books.


Your Contribution

MoLI is a self-funding not-for-profit organisation. Over the course of the last two years, the income streams (e.g. admission and retail revenue) vital to the museums ability to fund projects have been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic due to multiple temporary closures and restrictions.

If this campaign is successful, the total figure of €10,500 collected will go directly toward the printing costs of over 1,000 copies which will be delivered in hardback form as a beautiful record of Pat's poetry. MoLI follows best-practice principles relating to fair and equitable treatment and remuneration of artists and suppliers as per standards specific to individual art forms and industry.


Our Team

The Museum of Literature (MoLI) has an outstanding track record in delivering ambitious projects to very large audiences in Ireland and abroad. Our dedicated, dynamic and enthusiastic team possesses a wide-ranging skill set that provides us with a wealth of experience and in-house capabilities from design to marketing and PR. Under our MoLI Editions imprint, we have produced several successful publications including our annual Edna O’Brien Young Writers Bursary Anthologies and the acclaimed Belfield Literary Review.


In Dublin they really tell you things - Pat Ingoldsby, Selected Poems 1986 - 2021 has been edited by Pat's close associate Vivienne Baillie.



Project Timeline

The work of compiling and designing the book is now complete, and we are all set to proceed once we hit our funding target. The book will be printed and bound in Dublin by one of Ireland's best small printers, so there is no risk to delivery. Distribution will coincide with the launch of the film in early March.


Personal note from Director of MoLI, Simon O'Connor:

Heartfelt thanks for your support of our campaign to publish this new collection of Pat's wonderful poetry. We hope you enjoy the book when it is published, and we look forward to seeing you at the film installation in MoLI.


Thank you for visiting our page, we appreciate your support of the museum and hope you will be inspired by this exciting project.


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