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Pathfinders exhibition

By Paul Connell


The project is a photographic portrait archive of older LGBTQ activists on the island of Ireland whose activism - either loudly or quietly - paved the way for the many of the social changes which we have witnessed over the recent years.



The expense of the project falls into presenting the work to a quality standard and will cover the cost of printing archival prints and the cost of framing.

I began the Pathfinders project in December 2015 and have I been working consistently on it to date. I often describe myself as a bit of a ‘one man band’ as I lug the set up around in the search for ‘Pathfinders’. My primary source of support has been through OutHouse, the LGBTQI Centre in Dublin whose support and encouragement allowed me the space to start the project and also gave me the space to show the work publicly last year for the first time.

In the immortal words of Blanche DuBois, I shall rely upon the kindness of strangers to help me face any final hurdles that may arise.

To effectively present the work demands a very high standard of production and insurance for a public event and as such the cost of making a fitting presentation of the work to date will run to over €5000. As the project has been entirely self-funded to date I have come to the point where I need to reach out to potential supporters to help make this show happen.

I am deeply grateful to my funders for taking the time to reflect upon my project and can only hope that the value of such an archive is appreciated.











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