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Paula Cox - Two Headed Creature Album

By Paula Cox Music


This album of songs emerged from the bottleneck of fifteen years of transition. They represent, all the different stages of discovery and learning and land you contented and wrecked but incredibly happy on the other side of yourself having learned that you understand perfectly; you've worked hard, you're a bit mental and everything is perfect.
All the songs are original compositions, undoubtedly inspired by a lifetime of listening and learning from creative wonderpeople (Tori Amos, Jane Siberry, The Pixies, Joni Mitchell...)
I mostly began with the words... or the rhythm and demoed the songs with a midi keyboard before bringing the parts to the musicians. Even though I love digital music I knew this album had to be played by live instruments (apart from one as it turns out) which means it's a lot of work and expensive to do but totally worth it and I think you'll agree.

Mastering the album - 12 tracks at €90 per track - €1,080
Design of Artwork for album sleeve - €200
Manufacturing of 1000 CD's - €900
Marketing and PR - €700
Fund it percentage at 8% - €230.50

My band The Bush, The Tree & Me recorded our first album on Epic with producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, The Cranberries) and recorded and performed with artists such as Graham Coxen, Henry Olsen, Elbow and The Divine Comedy. I've performed in Cathy Davey and Colm Mac Con Iomaire's bands and frequently make noises in theatre and choral productions, film and documentary scores, and I sung on The Frames' first new track in a decade, "None But I. I have the support of an incredible team of musicians and technical engineers and I believe the album reflects that.
I'm a full-time musician, which means I have no budget! The Artlinks programme in Wexford County Council gave money initially for the equipment to record, then recently, for the mixing of the album. The people of Wexford who attended my fundraiser helped fund the engineering and pre-mixing and the generosity of the musicians and their willingness to do (sometimes quite unusual) swaps went a long long way! Seriously a team effort.

Making albums requires a hefty chunk of money and being an original, alternative, full-time musician nowadays means you are choosing to earn a very small wage. Thank you for caring about music enough to read this and I'd love the opportunity to thank you for being involved.

PLEASE NOTE:  Included in my Rewards are eleven exclusive individual framed Mandala art pieces, created by me and inspired by a song from the album. Each piece signed and inscribed with a lyric from the song.  Please view these here



The Loveliest List I Ever Done Seen.

I got your names.

I know who you are and the rewards you chose and you who pledged and didn't want for a reward. And I have a goddamn good idea about one of you who pledged anonymously but who will not remain anonymous in the album dedication.

I realised in the last year that music in my life is exclusively about the people I know and the people I don't and the people who I encounter for a few seconds but never forget. People all the way.

I'm not a busy-headed person any more but since I've seen this list of your names, funding this album, I'm all bzzzzt with excitement and dedicating video's, posting Mandalas, albums and lyrics and the idea of carrying around postcards for the next year in case I get drunk....I genuinely CAN'T WAIT and I want you all 'round for dinner. Tonight? Aubergine and red lentil lasagne? I'm in Hampshire, England looking after Lucky Duck Dog, two guinea pigs, two chooks and five doves that fall asleep on the roof and slide down the skylight. That's me amused perfectly for the week!

See you at 6 then.

Ferg Davis is mastering the album as we speak. I had the pleasure of sitting behind him a few years ago and watching him work. He's more of an owl than a person and he sent the first six tracks through last night and made me have a little cry on the A1 to Letchworth. 

The wonderfully keen and tasty eye of Richard Slade has designed the album artwork and in true Paula style, my phone wasn't synching emails for about 24hrs and I missed proofing his work before he went on his holibobs. No matter. I'm informed that the funds won't come throught to me until the 22nd and the lovely people in the Czech Republic who are duplicating it need their bobs upfront. After four years another couple of weeks aint a big ask :-)

I'll email you all individually tonight and tomorrow looking for addresses etc...bear with me, I'm a bit slow and the doves are too funny...

You bolster me you do. Not just because of the album but because I know who you are and the things you do and how you move through the world and you all inspire me.

Thank you so much.

P xxxx

And there we have it.

Hi Guys,

No doubt you've heard from Fundit Headquarters or they will be e mailing you any moment now to inform you that your money will be zapped, thrilled and running it's sexy figure hugging trousers and dresses down the money highway for a stay in album hotel.

Wave it off happily knowing that there's a girl chasing a flat coat retreiver around a garden, trying to get the towels back, happy in the amazement that there's gonna be an album of her songs on the world. Lucky lucky lady.

Thank you so much again folks - I'll keep you posted as Fundit keep me posted. Meanwhile, Darragh Nolan sent the last mix of the last song through last night. The strings are too quiet so he's gone back to his volume button (if only it were that simple!) The man is a saint.

Chat sooooon xxxx

Well folks. You did it.

I found out while walking a dog called Hugo around a stunning lake and woodland park in Sussex. There was a bit of a cry, some embracing, and a brief distraction by a Boarder Terrier who'd lost his human. Then we walked around the lake very quietly taking in the enormity of this being a reality (and had a bit more of a cry.) 

Thank you so so so much.

Endless endless love and thanks to you all. You won't be disappointed.

If you are disappointed...I've changed my name to Glen and have moved far far away.

So I was right in my assumption that the campaign has to run its course. So for the next 12 days, I shall alert people that they can still pre-order the album if they wish and all funding that has gone over the budget stated in the project would go to funding a top class PR campaign rather than one that just uses smoke signals and Puerto Rican dancing girls with sandwich boards...er...Mick Egan?? Was that you withdrawing your pledge?!!

I'm gonna pop up a little video this evening, just for you lot. It's a live track of a song from the album called Losing The Dog and features my very oldest and dearest friend Natalie. I wrote the song in Carrig on Bannow three years ago sitting on a cliff with my best-love-Judy-Dog beside me and realising she very likely had cancer and possibly might not be sitting physically beside me forever. 

It's recorded in the exceptional 500 year old dining room of the manor house we were dog sitting in in Cambridgshire recently. 

So it's for you, from me and Jude, with all the love and gratitude in the world.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a compilation I'm going to make of The Idiot Video's. It doesn't feel right to keep desperately video-begging for pledges at this point but too much of a shame for you not to see the rest of them.

Chat soon kiddo's. I can't wait to get your rewards to you. You've done an incredible thing. Bloody love ya.

P xxxxxx


The album is 91% funded and I genuinely have a sicky tummy realising how close this is to being a real live musicy thing in our hands. Darragh Nolan (Asta Kalapa studio's) has just posted on his Instagram page a little video clip of the song 'The Truth' while he bounces down the final tracks for me to hear. (That's a technical term - he's not bouncing around the studio pressing buttons, although I wouldn't put it past him) so I'm sitting beside my inbox wearing a funny face.

I'm also waiting to hear word from the gorgeous fundit team about what happens if we reach our goal super early. As I understand it so far, we just have to wait until the original duration is up!

If I get more money than my goal in that time, I would use that extra money to get a better marketing and PR campaign as the one I budgeted for covered only the bare-bones-basic promotion and it would make a huge difference if I could get in some bigger publications for reveiws etc. It would also mean I'd have a better chance of the album charting, which is the best kind of promotion one could look for in this game. 

So i'll keep you posted :-)

Loads of love and buckets of gratitude to you all.

P xxxxx

Mysterious Buggers

To the two anonymous funders. Thank you so much. You are very ymous in my eyes and I will hunt you down and give you a loving lick in the eye when I meet you. xxxxxx

Oh my flippin god.

I'm genuinely speechless guys. You've got me more than half way!!

I can't thank you enough for your support in this, I really am blown away. I can't wait for you to see the Mandala's - the pics really don't show them well and the idea that you'll have this album in your ears makes me have something in my eye...both my eyes..

At around midday today someone pledged for a Mandala but I haven't recieved an email saying which one you'd like. If you can let me know asap and I can take it off the picture list. Fingers crossed and Emma Oyatunde hasnt just bagsied the one you wanted.

Loads and loads of love to you all

Chat soon, P xxx

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