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Paula Cox - Two Headed Creature Album

By Paula Cox Music


This album of songs emerged from the bottleneck of fifteen years of transition. They represent, all the different stages of discovery and learning and land you contented and wrecked but incredibly happy on the other side of yourself having learned that you understand perfectly; you've worked hard, you're a bit mental and everything is perfect.
All the songs are original compositions, undoubtedly inspired by a lifetime of listening and learning from creative wonderpeople (Tori Amos, Jane Siberry, The Pixies, Joni Mitchell...)
I mostly began with the words... or the rhythm and demoed the songs with a midi keyboard before bringing the parts to the musicians. Even though I love digital music I knew this album had to be played by live instruments (apart from one as it turns out) which means it's a lot of work and expensive to do but totally worth it and I think you'll agree.

Mastering the album - 12 tracks at €90 per track - €1,080
Design of Artwork for album sleeve - €200
Manufacturing of 1000 CD's - €900
Marketing and PR - €700
Fund it percentage at 8% - €230.50

My band The Bush, The Tree & Me recorded our first album on Epic with producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, The Cranberries) and recorded and performed with artists such as Graham Coxen, Henry Olsen, Elbow and The Divine Comedy. I've performed in Cathy Davey and Colm Mac Con Iomaire's bands and frequently make noises in theatre and choral productions, film and documentary scores, and I sung on The Frames' first new track in a decade, "None But I. I have the support of an incredible team of musicians and technical engineers and I believe the album reflects that.
I'm a full-time musician, which means I have no budget! The Artlinks programme in Wexford County Council gave money initially for the equipment to record, then recently, for the mixing of the album. The people of Wexford who attended my fundraiser helped fund the engineering and pre-mixing and the generosity of the musicians and their willingness to do (sometimes quite unusual) swaps went a long long way! Seriously a team effort.

Making albums requires a hefty chunk of money and being an original, alternative, full-time musician nowadays means you are choosing to earn a very small wage. Thank you for caring about music enough to read this and I'd love the opportunity to thank you for being involved.

PLEASE NOTE:  Included in my Rewards are eleven exclusive individual framed Mandala art pieces, created by me and inspired by a song from the album. Each piece signed and inscribed with a lyric from the song.  Please view these here