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PB 7

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We are looking for your help to fund Issue 7 of PB poetry magazine, which strives to be eclectic and inclusive. We have always encouraged poets/artists from all walks of life regardless of gender, age, colour, sexuality, class, or creed and then mix them together in a high quality magazine.
If successful (please pledge!) this will be the 6th issue of PB to be enabled by Fund it. We have some extra help this time from Munster Literature Centre and Wicklow Arts Office which is a fantastic boost. The money is needed to cover printing and distribution, we'd be really grateful if you could support us by pre-ordering/ordering a copy of the magazine, you won't be disappointed!

We will be launching the mag at The Cork International Poetry Festival, Feb 16th 2.30pm in the library. Five PB7 poets will read their own poem plus a few favourites from the mag. It would be great to see you all there.

You can find out more about us and join in with us at these sites:




Many thanks,
Peadar and Collette.



Back from the printers!

Hello everyone,
PB7 is back from the printers. A million thanks to you alll once again.
Now all we need are your postal addresses so we can send you your copies. Or even better come to the PB7 launch at Cork International Poetry Festival, City Library Grand Parade 2.30pm this Friday. It would be great to meet you.
Email us your details to buspoems@gmail.com


Almost forgot!

How could we?! Jeepers, a million thanks too to our 5 anonymous funders! You are brilliant, whoever you are!
Thank you.

Peadar and Collette.

Thank you!

We are so happy to be over the line so early, the response has been amazing with people pledging and sharing our campaign on social media. A huge thank you to everyone involved especially our wonderful funders:
Arnold Fanning, Gordon Ferris, Maurice Devitt, Sean Smith,
Caoimhin, Dale Houstman, Margaret O'Brien, Sean and Jenny Kiely, Annette Skade, Abby Oliveira, Gerard Beirne, Liam Duffy, Michael Corrigan, Bern Dunleavy, Taidgh Lynch, Ali Whitelock, Ciorcal Neidin, Sheanin Hughes, Patrick Cotter.

We wouldn't survive without your support, so not only do we thank you, but every future poet we publish should thank you too. You are fantastic!
Peadar and Collette.


We can't thank you enough.

You give us the means to carry on. To publish First timer's and Old Timer's, to give a fair chance to all to be published.
To publish 'other' voices and make poetry a broad church. To publish people for what they have to say, not because of who they are. A good poem is a good poem.
Our hats are off to you, Dale Houstman, Abby Oliveira, Sean and Jenny Kiely, Sean Smith, Liam Duffy, Sheanin Hughes, Maurice Devitt, Ciorcal Neidin, GHerard Beirne, Michael Corrigan, Arnold Fanning, Patrick Cotter, Annette Skade,Margaret O'Brien, Bern Dunleavy,Gordon Ferris, and 5 lovely anonymous people.

Peadar and Collette.

The Roller coaster ride!

We kind of like the excitement mixed with dread.
So exciting if we make it, but oh, the dread of falling off the rails!

First day and we are 27% funded, which is a brilliant start, but the finish line is 73% away. If that even makes sense?

A million thanks to our anonymous funders and to these wondeful people.

And we're off!

This is SO nerve wracking, you never get used to it, even though this is our 6th fundit campaign you can never relax, you always are terrified of failing. There will be no sleep for the next 7 nights.

But we have some pledges! 7 pledges in fact. It's all the sevens! Issue 7, 7 days campaign, 700 euro needed!

A million thanks to Annette Skade, Patrick Cotter, Sean Smith,
Micheal Corrigan and our three anonymous pledgers.

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