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PB$ and Grimoires

By The Poetry Bus


PB$ is the sixth issue of The Poetry Bus Magazine and is a money themed special with an eclectic mix of poems from known and unknown poets, PLUS top class full colour illustrations, articles, short stories, graphic shorts,by people from Ireland and around the world. PLUS there's our unique accompanying CD of spoken word from a selection of the poets PLUS 2 music tracks from the amazing chart topping indie group 'Babybird' and 1 track from creative innovators 'The Bee Loud Glade'

We are also very excited to have two fantastic and very different Grimoires (Chapbooks) from Melissa Diem, ('This is what happened'), and Séamas Carraher, (Dub(H)lin(N) 20 Poems of the City).
Melissa's book will include her own artwork too.

There is much burgeoning talent out there, often overlooked, please help us to continue to help the poets and artists and musicians by funding this high quality showcase for their work. Help us also to nourish neglected poetry readers who have turned away from aloof magazines and books in general, by giving us the chance to publish engaging, vibrant and varied poets who have something relevant and different to say and say it well.

PB mag. Not looking for change, BEING the change! Please fund us, tell your friends and tell the world!
Thank you.
Best wishes,
Peadar and Collette.

PS. This time we'll be giving contributors' copies to our poets/ artists/ musicians.



The final furlong!

A million thanks to all our 86 funders , you are brilliant! We really did think we were sunk this time, we still might be, but by feck it's going to be close! Three days to go and we still need €398. Hold on to your hats it's going to be a wild and bumpy ride, Wahoooo! Peadar and Collette.

Squeaky Bum time!

Well! We thought we were dead in the water! But pledges came in, small ones from people who could barely afford to do so, right up to €500 from The Munster Literature Centre. A million thanks to each and every one of you!! We are back in the race and on the final furlong, we still need the not insignificant amount of €574, in the next THREE DAYS! If you have any friends that might be interested, please give them a nudge! The fat Lady is doing her scales, let's get over the line before she sings!!

missed the last word!


A steep hill, or a bridge too far?

A fantastic response! A million thanks to everyone who has shown their support by pledging. You are wonderful.We have a long way to go financially and a short way to go timewise. I think our goose may be cooked. We have a hard core fan base, but as strong as it is perhaps it's not big enough. We'll know in a few days! Here's a lovely little film by David Joseph Cribbin who believes PB to be the best mag in Ireland. All modesty aside, he's probably right. But in this world being the best is not always http://vimeo.com/91955962#at=0

A great start!

A great start, we've left base camp fortified with Vimto ,good wishes, and some terrific pledges of support. The summit still seems a long way up and you never know when the weather may turn, but for now we are so pleased and wish to heartily thank the amazing kindness of James O'leary, Emer Martin, Frances Kenny, Mick Corrigan, Antonia Hart, Conor O'Reilly, Maurice Devitt, David Joseph Cribbin, Liam Duffy, Brian Kirk, Micheal Dooley, Doireann Ni Ghriofa, Ruth Gallagher, Polly Munnelly, Yvonne Cullen, Majella Kelly, Korliss Sewer, SEan Smith, Mary Wogan, PC Vandall, Antain Mac Lochlain, Taidgh Lynch, Annette Skade, Fióna Bolger. THANK YOU!!!

A great start!

And we're off! A million thanks to our first funders, Antain Mac Lochlainn, James O'Leary, Emer Martin, PC Vandall, Annette Skade, Polly munnelly, Frances Kenny, Doireann Ni Ghriofa, Michael Corrigan, Michael Dooley. Thank you so much for your kindness and support, a huge boost on our first day! Might try to get some sleep now, there's a roller coaster ahead. Wahoo!

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