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PB3 (The Poetry Bus Mag issue three)

By The Poetry Bus


The Poetry Bus is a newly created Irish magazine of contemporary world poetry and cutting edge illustration that comes with a free audio CD of the poets reading their work plus bonus music tracks.

This issue has a delicious, eclectic, smorgasbord of poetic, artistic and musical talent. We have everything from 'Two Pints' a rip-roaring pub dialogue discussion of poetry from Roddy Doyle, to 'Hymn to a Hurricane' a passionate moving powerful commentary on the horror of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans by Rachel Eliza Griffiths, or 'Hosts' an extraordinary tale from Ian Duhig, to the pure beauty of 'Geese at Midnight' by Lyn Lifshin. There is everything else in between by many, many more great poets that I've not the room to mention.

Artwork is by controversial street /graffiti artist ADW, The Project Twins, Kevin McSherry, Una Gildea, Padhraig Nolan, Elena Duff and the wonderful front coveris  by Abby Diamond.

Music is from Ríona Sally Hartman who, according to Le Cool magazine has " A cutting silhouette of a voice" and that she " trips through songs with an ease of grace found in the best of offbeat female artists. Ríona builds her songs like stories, and performs them like poetry."

More music is provided by The Watercats, (whose music can best be described as cowboybluesfolk) Vick and Ron, who as they put it, are "a union of musical chancers.. we play, we eat meat, we drink hard liquor, fire the occasional rifle, swear, fart and laugh".

They may not take themselves too seriously but they pen and perform some seriously good songs.

As a reward there will be a special limited edition of 150 featuring an extra poem and illustration that will be numbered and signed by the editor.

The Poetry Bus is different, it doesn't just publish the best poets, it also looks for the best poems, unusual poems, from all sorts of people everywhere, and there is always a spare seat for a voice that is lost in the process of finding itself and needs a helping hand. John and Hilary Wakeman editors of Irelands finest poetry magazine The SHOp said that " In two issues, PB has come from nothing to become one of the two or three best poetry magazines in Ireland".

I want to build on this auspicious start and need YOUR help to continue to push the boundaries with the third issue of the magazine. Please help if you can.  I want to get this project funded ASAP so as to get the mags delivered around the world in time for Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal, any support you may be able to give us, or have given us in the past is much needed and deeply appreciated.

PB3 is Poetry of The People, by The People, for The People! This mag is different, this bus can make a difference. This poetry is bright light, this poetry has wheels. All aboard now!

Best wishes, Peadar.