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PB3 (The Poetry Bus Mag issue three)

By The Poetry Bus


The Poetry Bus is a newly created Irish magazine of contemporary world poetry and cutting edge illustration that comes with a free audio CD of the poets reading their work plus bonus music tracks.

This issue has a delicious, eclectic, smorgasbord of poetic, artistic and musical talent. We have everything from 'Two Pints' a rip-roaring pub dialogue discussion of poetry from Roddy Doyle, to 'Hymn to a Hurricane' a passionate moving powerful commentary on the horror of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans by Rachel Eliza Griffiths, or 'Hosts' an extraordinary tale from Ian Duhig, to the pure beauty of 'Geese at Midnight' by Lyn Lifshin. There is everything else in between by many, many more great poets that I've not the room to mention.

Artwork is by controversial street /graffiti artist ADW, The Project Twins, Kevin McSherry, Una Gildea, Padhraig Nolan, Elena Duff and the wonderful front coveris  by Abby Diamond.

Music is from Ríona Sally Hartman who, according to Le Cool magazine has " A cutting silhouette of a voice" and that she " trips through songs with an ease of grace found in the best of offbeat female artists. Ríona builds her songs like stories, and performs them like poetry."

More music is provided by The Watercats, (whose music can best be described as cowboybluesfolk) Vick and Ron, who as they put it, are "a union of musical chancers.. we play, we eat meat, we drink hard liquor, fire the occasional rifle, swear, fart and laugh".

They may not take themselves too seriously but they pen and perform some seriously good songs.

As a reward there will be a special limited edition of 150 featuring an extra poem and illustration that will be numbered and signed by the editor.

The Poetry Bus is different, it doesn't just publish the best poets, it also looks for the best poems, unusual poems, from all sorts of people everywhere, and there is always a spare seat for a voice that is lost in the process of finding itself and needs a helping hand. John and Hilary Wakeman editors of Irelands finest poetry magazine The SHOp said that " In two issues, PB has come from nothing to become one of the two or three best poetry magazines in Ireland".

I want to build on this auspicious start and need YOUR help to continue to push the boundaries with the third issue of the magazine. Please help if you can.  I want to get this project funded ASAP so as to get the mags delivered around the world in time for Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal, any support you may be able to give us, or have given us in the past is much needed and deeply appreciated.

PB3 is Poetry of The People, by The People, for The People! This mag is different, this bus can make a difference. This poetry is bright light, this poetry has wheels. All aboard now!

Best wishes, Peadar.




Seven Hours to go!

Seven hours to go and six buses will be heading to Saremento. Thanks to Phillip Larrea for the upgrade. We are now standing at € 1200 which is totally fantesticles!

17 Hours to go!

We have a hundred euro cushion now thanks to the latest pledger Mena Halton. Thank You! Time running out now for any last minute passengers. What a week it's been, but it's not over till The Fat Bus Driver sings!

The Final Countdown!

Today is our last day and we are looking good! I think we have enough money for The Bus, now I was wondering could I fund an Aston Martin DBS?

Safety Cushion!

At € 1,140 we have a €90 safety net for failed cards, so it's starting to look really good for this Bus! With a few more pledges I'll be able to buy cardboard backed envelopes which is incredibly exciting ! You may laugh but I had to make individual cardboard corners out of a thousand cornflake packets last time! I nearly lost the will to live! A million thanks to you all and the latest pledgers : Jessie Lendennie, Colm Keegan, Chris Alba. 2 days left of this incredible campaign, fundit is amazing, I'm not sure The Poetry Bus would exist without it. Keep the faith! Peadar.


Tis a miracle! Over the line now! Thanks to ALL of you including the latest pledge heros : Gillian Duffy, Sean Wall, Arthur Broomfield, Crona Gallagher, Scaldo, Mike Galagher, Nessa O'Mahony, Liam Ryan, Michael Touhey. A mighty relief, but it would be nice to get a safety cushion in case some of the pledges fail. We lost €76 last time in broken credit cards. So we are home, beautifully so, but not yet dry! One last push for safety, then this Bus like a Thunderbird, is GO! For now THANK YOU!

€ 980!!

Two and a half days to go, and we are just €70 short of our target, which for a weeks campaign is bordering on amazing! All thanks to YOU the people that have taken the time and trouble to pledge. The latest fundits are , Phil Lynch, Frances Kenny, Rachel Fenton, Eileen Connolly, Eamon McGuinness. THANK YOU. But we must keep pushing this bus, the end is in sight but if we don't actually cross the€ 1050 finishing line we get nothing, nip, zip, nada. Keep tweeking!

What a day!

Wow !I don't believe it! € 905!! What a great surprize to come home to! Thanks a million to Paul Bregazzi, Tom Tierney, Peter Goulding, Marc Carver, Kate Dempsey, Triona Walsh, Declan Meade, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous and Anonymous! We've jumped most of the fences and we're approaching the final furlong, have we the hearts, have we the lungs, have we the wallets, will I need to use the whip? 2.5 days to go and this thing is starting to look possible! But we're not over the line yet comrades, we must not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, instead we must snatch our children's pocket money, sell our televisions on ebay, promise our grandmothers to medical science,give up eating for 60 hours and steal things to fund the bus. If you know anyone who hasn't yet donated tweek them forcefully and continually upon the nose until they do. Finally I can neither confirm nor deny rumours that two of the anonymice pledgers are Je and Dward.

Wednesday draws to a close

And we are up to €640 thanks to Lauren Cole Norton and Kevin O'Shea. THank you both! Going to have to push hard now to get this big bus over the line. If we make it there will be almost 60 poems! Loads of illustrations some A4 sized full colour, 3 music tracks plus all the readings on the CD. Shebowza! Good night all. I'm off to rob a bank. After all they've been robbing us for long enough!

The wheels on the bus

Keep turning! Up to €590 now thanks to Lovedus, Anne Tannam and Frances Wall. THANK YOU! Think I've been getting my sums wrong! But we definitely still need €460 in 4 days. So please spread the word! It's an all or nothing deal!

€580 pledged 4 days to go!!

Many thanks to Malu Bremer, Alan Garvey, Sarah Clancy and anonymous who could be The President of Ireland? 4 days left and €470 needed. It's going to go down to the wire I think!

New Total €505

Thanks a million to Liz Gallagher and John Saunders! If anyone has a very rich relative please visit them soon! :)

Slowed down on the ropes but still fighting!

Thanks to Martin McNicholl we are up to € 495 ! Will have to rally some pledgers tomorrow. We can still do this!

More kind people!

Many thanks to JoAnne McKay (see I can spell your name!) Michèle Vassal Ring, Niamh Bagnell, Mary Barnecutt and... you guessed it anonymous!! THANK YOU! We are up to to € 485, approaching the half way mark. I'm off to Dubland to read at the launch of Can Can. Hopefully I'll have more good news when I get home tonight. Yabba doob!

Still rolling!

Many, many thanks to Tomás O'Cartaigh , Wurm Im Apfel, Deborah Henry and another anonymous!We are now up to €440 ! Maybe this is do-able, six days to go and €610 needed. Ask your poetry friends, the neighbours, the postman, the president, but keep away from the bank manager. Spread the word peeps!

Up to €355 now!

More thanks to Karen Nowviskie, John Saunders and Danielle McLaughlin. I'm feeling positive vibes! (Maybe it's arthritus?)

Still going!

We've hit €300 thanks to Anne Tannam! Thanks Anne!

Wow! What a start!

Thanks a million to PB3's first pledgers! The Bus is rolling! Many thanks to Eleanor Hooker (Twice!) Fred Johnston, Vivienne Baille, Jeanne Lakatos, Stephen James Smith, Kat Mortensen, Phillip Larrea , anonymous and anonymous. THANK YOU ALL!!

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