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PB5 and Grimoire

By The Poetry Bus


The Poetry Bus has probably published more first time poets alongside well known ones than any other magazine. Now in its fifth incarnation with undoubtedly the best issue yet,(just wait til you see it!) it is perfect bound with full colour illustrations (including a graphic short story!) from amazing artists and crammed with poets new and not so new!

We have a truly eclectic selection of poetry from Irish and international poets regardless of age, sex, nationality, friendship or standing. The Poetry Bus continues to offer opportunities for all equally and never forgets that it was created to provide a top class showcase as well as a level playing field. This ethos remains vitally important to us.

To further increase opportunities for writers we are introducing a series of quality chapbooks known as Grimoires. We are starting with Fiona Bolger's 'The Geometry of Love Between the Elements' which forms part of our rewards. We take this 'poetry for all' project very seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. We aim to provide an entertaining magazine for readers with unmatched quality and content. We will not survive without your help, there are many talented poets out there who won't get a start without this magazine, so we urge you to dig deep, support top class independent egalitarian creativity and provide opportunity for all.