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PB9 (The Covid Diaries)

By The Poetry Bus


PB9, The Covid Diaries, is a collection of poems from a broad spectrum of poets all written during lock down. We wanted to see how people were coping with Covid -19 and how it affected their work (if at all). We tapped into the virus Zeitgeist to see what was going on in poets' heads. We think it makes a fascinating and varied collection of poems. 

We need the money for production (@€100), printing (@ €300), and distribution costs (@300). We work for free and put in about €100 of our own money. Fund it is our sole means of raising the extra funds. In essence our funders are just ordering our books. Fund it has worked before, several times, and we pray it will work again. Indie poetry publishing in general, and PB in particular, offers a much needed alternative outlet for poets of every hue. We are inclusive, fair to all, and a vital blood stream for all types of poetry and poets.

A wife and husband team, this will be the 9th edition of PB mag. We have also published several individual as a well as collaborative collections. We publish quality work that demands to be read.

A million thanks for checking out this project, please fund if you can, you'll get a great read in return, and if you can't fund then please help by spreading the word. We need you!