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"Pearls Colour Dream" Childrens Theatre

By Red Kettle Theatre Company


Little Red Kettle Theatre Company’s mission is to create vital, vigorous, and exciting theatre with and for children.
Presenting “Pearls Colour Dream”. This is a fantastical tale of how imagination and dreams can become a reality. With a cast of 50 of Waterford’s best young actors aged between 9 and 12, prepare yourself for a visual feast and plenty of laughs.
Show Performances will run from August 11th to 18th (excluding Sunday 12th August)

Little Red Kettle… Where Imagination Begins…

Lily is “Pearl” in her dream world. One night following a painting she does of a yellow cat, in the dream world, the yellow cat springs to life, as do the purple, red, green, orange and blue cat. These are known as the “Colourdee Cats”. They dance and play together until the dream turns into a nightmare. The evil “Plague” wants to rid the world of colour and sets her evil bats and rats to capture the cats and paint them black. She succeeds. Lily wakes from her dream and knows that through her dreams she has to save the “Colourdee Cats” before it’s too late.
In the real world, Lily’s granddad is very sick in hospital and has not had the opportunity to finish his last painting. She spends most of her time in his old painting studio, which has been scheduled to be knocked down. Naturally the building is like an adventure park for some of the local kids who decide to break in and have a look at the place. These lads and ladettes are known as “The Gang”. They get busted by Lily’s sister Deb and brother Cal, who rope them into helping with the clear out of the studio. The characters in the real world become intrinsically linked to what is happening in Lily’s dreams and we know that whatever happens in one will effect the other.

The money we raise from this FUNDIT campaign will go towards providing all the much needed theatrical props and designs for this imaginative performance to come alive. As in all theatrical performances, the cost of purchasing and producing a show to a good standard increases all the time, and when we reach the requested target, all the money will be used up immediately on creating a childrens theatrical performance that Waterford can be proud of.
So please help us out and offer any donations you can afford, in return we’ll give you the reward you request.

Your support is very kindly appreciated from everyone in Little Red Kettle theatre company, Waterford.

Kind Regards
Steve McCarthy (Fundit Co-ordinator)




In less than an hour to go we hit our TARGET of €3000 so a huge thanks to everyone who very kindly donated to our campaign, we will be working with FUNDIT in getting the rewards issued as soon as they release the list of 32 FUNDEES. This has been an exciting campaign to say the least and we know that Little Red Kettle Waterford are delighted with your support all the way through. PEARLS COLOUR DREAM opens at Garter Lane Theatre in August so we look forward to seeing you there, seeing Waterfords Youth Talent at its very best, ready to blow your socks off! Well done to everyone involved in making this campaign successful. Steve (FUNDIT Co-Ordinator on behalf of Red Kettle Waterford)

4hrs Left and 96% Funded, so close now

Thank you to an anonymous funder over night that has gotten our total raised to 96% funded, we're ONLY 4hrs from ending this campaign and if we don't hit 100% we get nothing so please help cross the line in victory for the Children of Waterford and make this a very colourful ending for them. So far with 30 funders, this has been such a rollercoaster ride but in between the children have been heavily rehearsing their socks off to make Waterford Proud so why not do the same and see this campaign to the end, HIT THAT TARGET before 4hrs ends. For all those funders that supported us all the way, THANK YOU. Steve

Wow 55% Funded, 22 hours to go......

Wow we currently stand now at 55% funded by all 28 SUPER generous funders, so now in this nailbiting finish can we make the 100% Target. There is so much energy in this amazing project, and the children are so excited about opening the show to the public, so if you can help shake the donation bucket in front of a few SUPER giving funders please do, and of course spread the word as we now have less than 22hrs to hit the TARGET, this is an ALL or NOTHING campaign so please help us get there. Steve

Still possible to hit our target, Come on Everybody!

Massive thanks to the current 25 funders, you have been so generous. The rehearsals are going strong and all the children are so excited about this amazing project. I know we haven't reached anywhere near the target yet but we still have time left so can I call on all your generous funders to help get the word out and get us to our target amount of 3000euro before the last day is over. Remember it is for the children of Waterford and you can donate as little as 5euro and you'll receive amazing rewards in return. Steve

13 Fantastic funders and 10% there so far

Wow, Thank you so much to Jan O'Sullivan, Pam Kehoe, Nicholas Kavanagh, Mary & Richie Cunningham, MooCow theatre company, Elizabeth Rose Browne, Aine Neville & John O'Connell for their kind donations recently making us hit 10% of our target. This is an ALL or nothing campaign so please in any way at all spread the word and tap a few friends if you can. The project is coming together well and I hope to have more details soon. This Video explains our campaign http://youtu.be/2TwpIKZ0UEE thanks Nick and Jenny for that and remember its for the Children. So make Waterford proud of our young talent. Now lets aim to hit 50% of our target before the weekend is over. More updates soon to come. Steve

More kind donations being added

Massive thanks to Noirin Hennessey and Oren Little for adding their kind donations to our FUNDIT campaign. In return for their donations they will receive some great rewards We're now at 5% funded so hopefully by the end of this week we'll be over 50% funded :) Now go spread the word to your friends and let them know about this FUNDIT campaign and how easy it is to donate for some fantastic rewards. Next update coming soon. Steve

We're UP and running........YIPEE :)

Massive thanks to Jamie Walsh & the two very kind anonymous donations made to our campaign, the total is being broken down bit by bit. This project is gonna blow Waterford citys socks off!!!! Currently the auditions process has ended and the cast are set & ready to begin rehearsals soon. Exciting times ahead for Cast and Crew on this fantastically energised project. Watch this space for your next update. Steve

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