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Performer - Short Film

By Janna Kemperman


My name is Janna Kemperman, I am the director/writer/choreographer of this short film. I am currently in my final year of a BA in Visual Arts Practice in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dublin. This short film will be my final piece and will be shown in our degree show exhibition at the end of the academic year.

The film will be visually heavy and largely reliant on movement and sound. I want to use the conventions of performance in order to explore the construction of narrative and identity, investigating the intersection of dance and acting. It will move through fragmented scenes that build to explore the relationship between the performers and their audience. I want play with the notion of everyday performance, how we as people are constantly performing and how forces in our lives can cause us to act certain ways.

The film is entirely set on a stage with a cast of three actor and dancers with the entire script revolving around the movement of the characters on stage. I am seeking to capture the intense movement embodied by the dancers and actors.

We have a very talented cast, which consist of 3 dancers and 3 actors.

Lloyd Collins
Killian Coyle
Nora Kelly Lester

Dylan Coburn Gray
Jessie Keenan
Nick Nikolaou

My crew also boasts a talented variety of IADT students. From the IADT national film school we have:
Our D. o. P. Josh Bourke - Show reel 
Producer David Mullen
Sound Keelan Noone
Slawek Nirwad is the costume designer; a very talented man who is in Design for stage and screen - Website 
Our composer is a very talented artist, Herbert Liffers. His style varies from ambient to techno and we are hoping to combine the breath and footsteps of the dancers to create the score of the film.
My own work can be seen here 

This project is a student project so we have had to try to be as tight with our budget as we can, using as much of the existing resources we can access. However, we cannot get this made without your support! This project needs your help from shooting to final exhibition degree show. The lovely Moat Theatre will be our venue and have been very generous to us with their time and space. However, due to the scale of this project there are still a number of costs involved. 

Breakdown of the costs:
Cast & crew travel expenses
Catering expenses
Costume, make-up and props
Post production
General production expenses
Festival Fees, distribution & promotional materials

A full breakdown of the rewards for this project can be seen in the column to your left. Thank you for taking the time to consider this project. Any help that you could give in realising this project would be greatly appreciated and received with the highest level of gratitude.
Thank you!

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