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Phoenix Rises (ALBUM)

By George Patterson


Another album to continue to help build the profile of this self sufficient band in a field where other bands have contracts and promotion. Other well known artists are hopefully going to appear on album. 

A team of professional musicians and sound engineers ranging through all instruments, the band have been together for 15 years with changes along the way, we have a background of world tours with other bands.

The Roaring Forties have previous albums and they consist of swing genre tracks and are very acceptable but they lacked the dynamics that would give them the edge, a dynamic that is possible to achieve but expensive to fund,  this album however is going to a different high, this is going to be predominantly originals with a single or two attached, it will be a whole new level, when we recorded the last albums we had financial constraints and therefore would compromise the finished product due to those cost implications, because of this and our desire and confidence in creating a sound and songs that would give a better chance of a finer tuned product we have decided to ask for funding.

George will also be assisting in the funding of this project, monies from gigs and. I am funding this to help give this album the extra umph and take away worries and stress that stifle creativity when recording a music album, I am hoping for a good reception to it. 

The funds raised will go towards recording, sleeve design, travel, sound engineer, studio time and final mix down of finished recordings, along with mastering, promotion, launch manufacture of 1000 cd's and internet promotion including fees for iTunes, imro and track marking, posters for promotional gigs, travel and equipment; but mainly recording and mixing time. 

No risks, just get the songs right and don't compromise.

If you help fund this then wow, thank you so much, it is great to have this help so we do not have to compromise while recording, a compromise that forces us to speed up and make do because it's expensive, your extra help actually really does make all the difference, thank you.



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