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Ping and Po-Li

By Audrey Moore Books


Hi, my name is Audrey Moore. I am the author of the Childrens Book, Ping and Po-Li. The book will be launched in January 2015. I have a legal and journalism background. This is my very first book but I hope there will be many more to come.

The book is set in an Asian Rainforest and is based on two main characters Ping and Po-li. Ping is a baby panda who tires of eating bamboo and asks Po-li can he try her food. Po-li is a little Asian girl who lives in a small fishing village nearby. They both embark on a Shiwu (food) adventure and meet some very interesting characters along the way including Vicky the Vulture and a Coconut Crab. The book is aimed at healthy eating and trying new food. All the animals in the book are endangered. There is a ‘did you know’ section at the back of the book with fun facts about the animals and a map to ‘follow the trail of Ping and Po-Li .

The book is in the very early stages of colour sketches with award winning illustrator Kim Sponaugle. Kim has illustrated more than fifty books for kids and has received the Mom’s Choice, Pinnacle Book, CIPA EVVY and Reader’s Favourite Awards. Find Kim’s website here.

My publishing home is Halo Publishing. Founder Lisa Umino is the award-winning author of Milo and the Green Wagon. Each year, Halo donates books, clothing, food and monetary contributions. In addition to the donations, Lisa and Halo employees volunteer their time at a Hogar Dulce Hogar, an orphanage in Mexico. I love the ethics of Halo.

I am looking for funding for the printing of 1000 copies for my Launch in January 2015. You can check out more information on my Facebook page, on Twitter and coming soon my website www.audreymoorebooks.com



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