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Popular Music from The Jimmy Cake

By Dara Higgins


‘Popular Music' is the new album from Dublin collective The Jimmy Cake coming soon on 180g double vinyl and accompanied by some darkly magnificent illustrations from Jack Teagle . The album is 72 minutes spread across 3 tracks and 4 sides of vinyl. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but we’re very happy with the results of the recording, and are confident that you will be too. We’ve incorporated nearly every element of influence we’ve ever had. It’s all in there at some stage, from the heavy, doom infused Observatory Destroyer to the Krautrock inflected Space Champion.

In order to release the album we need to raise the money to get it mixed, mastered and manufactured. That’s where the funders come in. We’ll be offering the music in various formats as well as some very limited and very wonderful Jack Teagle merchandise. If you're not familiar with Jack then we STRONGLY urge you to check out his work at JackTeagle. We’re not really the types to sing happy birthday down the phone to you, or to set up our fifteen keyboards in your front room, but for €1,000 euro you can have all our shoes. For €2,000 we’ll stage an intervention for a loved one who’s gone astray and for €3,000 we’ll do a live score for some significant life event: bar mitzvah, birth of your child, appendectomy, whatever you like.

To whet your appetite we’ve included a video of the band rehearsing the album’s opening track, Observatory Destroyer, filmed by Sean Tracey and Dave Knox, and recorded and mixed by Spud. Thanks for listening. Paddy, Parx, John, Vinnie, Dip, Lisa, Paul x

Here's a bit about our band and our upcoming 5th album which you can help make happen.

“At the forefront of Ireland’s instrumental-prog-post-space-rock scene for over a decade now, The Jimmy Cake started life in summer 2000, quickly garnering a reputation for their ferocious and semi-improvised live performances, before releasing their debut album, Brains (Pilatus, 2001) to almost universal critical acclaim. The following year the Jimmy Cake played Ireland’s largest music festival, Witnness, and followed that with the release of their second album Dublin Gone Everybody Dead (Pilatus 2002). More critical acclaim, album of the year awards and sold out shows followed. The Jimmy Cake continued to record, and released the e.p. Superlady (Pilatus) in 2003, headlined The Roundstone Arts Festival, Spraoi Festival and filled the Rising tent at the final Witnness festival. After a tour of Europe and more festival dates, the Jimmy Cake took a break to work on that difficult 4th record, releasing a split 12” on Earsugar Records and appearing on various Compilation albums. In 2008 Spectre and Crown (Pilatus) was released to yet more rave plaudits. The Jimmy Cake finished 2008 with a sell out show in Dublin’s Vicar St. After some personnel shake ups the Jimmy Cake changed direction yet again, exploring their darker, prog-gier side and investing in a stack of synths, and the fruits of which will be their 5th album, Popular Music, released early 2013, with a little help from Fund it.”