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Live & Online Theatre -"Good Love"

By Artur Banaszkiewicz


Ireland-based theatre makers break a technological barrier delivering live online streaming of an original play. By injecting innovation and technology, we want to revolutionise how art is consumed and question the traditionally limited access to life-changing performances.
The staging of "Good Love" by Karolina Szemerda inspired by August Strindberg's various works will take place in The New Theatre in Dublin on 21-25 May and in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens worldwide via live online streaming on 24th May.

Constructing a social media image of a relationship seems easy, but maintaining a deep and meaningful relationship in real life seems a challenge. Do we become controlling partners? Sex with and even marriage to robots becomes socially acceptable...
This electric new production by Dublin-based Enigma Theatre incorporates original music, video projections and performance to bring Strindberg’s work to life in a contemporary Irish and international context.

€2650 for rent of the theatre, incl. insurance and one week of rehearsal
€560 copyrights – licence (English translation of Strindberg’s The Stronger)
€350 for rent of the space for one week of rehearsal
€650 for costumes and props
€650 for publicity incl. posters
€600 for digital marketing (advertisement of social media; website management and traffic)
...plus actors' and production team's fees, online streaming cost. The funds from this Fund it campaign will support all of the above. Other sources include sponsors and ticket sales. 

The team comprises of Irish, Polish, Greek, Italian, Russian and other nationalities. We believe that despite the atmosphere of confusion and insecurity in the modern world, theatre can inspire to transform and improve the quality of one’s life. Our mission is to encourage and empower both artists and audiences to live with passion; to live in awareness and to deeply connect with people in meaningful ways. We believe that relationships can be supportive, caring and mutually life-enhancing.
We are the Enigma Theatre.

There is a technical risk in live online streaming on 24th May, as this is rare in theatre worldwide and unheard in Ireland. That's why we want to do it!
Tech-checks have already been conducted. We're planning another technical check session in April and May.

We are asking you to support this innovation in arts to bring world-class performance to Irish homes here and abroad as well as any other homes where people want to get inspired and consciously build their relationships.

We do not have any state agency support or public funding relying on our own ability to change the world for better. Join us!
Funding: private, ticket sales, fundraising events (listed on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/EnigmaTheatreDublin/events/?ref=page_internal).

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We trust that you value our innovative and brave approach to taking art from theatre to living rooms across Ireland and the world. We wish to make as many as possible contemplate their relationships and the direction they're advancing them.