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The Red Iron by Jim Nolan

By Jim Nolan


September 2017. As crowds gather on Waterford’s Quay to greet the county’s vanquished All-Ireland hurling team, the now middle-aged members of a teenage gang return to the city’s long abandoned Red Iron Bridge to remember their recently deceased friend. The revelation of events surrounding the former hurling star’s death and the unexpected return of a long-exiled associate unravel the cords that bind the gang and expose the fragile nature of a thirty-year-old friendship. Jim Nolan’s new play, The Red Iron, will open its three-week run at Garter Lane Theatre, Waterford, in November, 2019. Directed by the author and presented under the banner of the city’s much missed Red Kettle Theatre Company, The Red Iron is a Waterford story told by a Waterford playwright and performed by Waterford actors for a Waterford audience.

Jim is currently working with local designer, Dermot Quinn, on what promises to be an exciting, ambitious and richly evocative set design for a production which will feature the best of Waterford’s professional theatre community. Fund it, through your support, will help us bring that team together and give The Red Iron the production it deserves.

Jim Nolan is one of Ireland’s foremost theatre practitioners who has written fifteen professionally produced plays and directed more than forty productions for some of Ireland’s leading companies. Jim is assembling a fully professional and highly experienced local cast and creative team and the production will be managed by local producers, Padraig O’Griofa and Michael Grant with Mary Roche handling PR. The combination of experienced theatre practitioners and business acumen will ensure a premium quality production efficiently managed and marketed.

The Red Iron is a highly accessible play with the potential to reach a wide audience. However, we take nothing for granted; this production will be underpinned by an extensive marketing campaign designed to maximize the potential of a quality brand and a production team with a proven track record.

The Red Iron is Jim Nolan’s first Waterford based play since The Gods are Angry, Miss Kerr launched Red Kettle in 1985. This production has attracted the interest of the best of Waterford’s professional acting community at home and abroad. The crowd funding is about getting those actors and the wider creative team to opening night, under the newly secured banner of Red Kettle Theatre Company.
Waterford Council is also kindly supporting this project.

Of its nature, theatre making is a collaborative medium depending on many hands and minds to attain its goals. Thank you for taking the time to consider offering your support to the task of bringing this new play for Waterford from the page to the stage.