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By Andrew_Bell_Design



My name is Andrew Bell, I’m a hardworking and passionate young Fashion Designer based in Dublin. In July of this year I left my commercial design job in order to pursue my creative ambition, and to focus on bringing this ambitious project to life!


The ‘Pulling Strings’ project began as a micro-collection of three concept-driven garments. Applying Strong silhouettes and tall volumes of fabric, the collection redefines the humble jacket, shirt and trouser; elevating each tailored separate to the position of ‘Art Object’.

Through the medium of a short fashion video the garments are documented as they rise up on invisible strings from their pedestal-like plinths below. Cut from red suiting wool and glossy silk, the garments echo the editorials of French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, whose work greatly inspired the colour story and mood of the collection.


Over the course of the project I have met and collaborated with a range of talented and creative individuals with backgrounds as diverse as Film and videography, Product and industrial design and Multimedia and Sound Design. Collectively we have pooled our skills to create a unique and exciting body of work that I believe is worthy of exhibiting to the Irish audience!

With the help and expertise of industrial design graduate Paul Moran, we conceived and produced a large-scale modular frame, capable of suspending and lowering the garments for the production of the video. Alongside the frame we also designed custom made ‘invisible’ hangers for each of the garments. The plinths that feature in the video were also produced by Paul, and we hope to use them in conjunction with a series of additional structures, which will be built for the exhibition.

The video was shot and produced by Kate Dolan and Philip Blake, two talented film graduates who work together under the creative partnership of ‘Squared’. Together we set about planning the video, which was shot over 2 days in October 2015. The video is currently in post-production and marks Squared’s first engagement with the genre of Fashion Film.


The proposed venue for the exhibition is the up-and-coming Steambox Gallery off Thomas St in Dublin 8. Presented in a white cube format, the gallery’s proportions are perfect for the large scale installation work that we have produced. The acoustics of the space are also ideal, and would amplify the carefully composed sound dimension to the work, soon to be produced by Rob Mirolo (www.robertickismirolo.com / soundcloud.com/toast_modern).

To date I have funded the project from personal savings and with your help we can bring the work to a well deserved conclusion; a Public exhibition located in the heart of Dublin!


Thankyou so much for reading about this project! We hope you can give something towards making this vision a reality, and we would love to see you on the opening night! For more see the section on the rewards offered in exchange for pledges! : )