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Quarto Select - A New Poetry Anthology

By Non


Words can surprise and cause all sorts of chain reactions. They are the beginning of all communication, even in art and poetry is still considered the highest form of art.

Welcome. My name is Erik Eblana. I'm a Dublin-born writer, keen photographer, social (-media) activist, Haiku tweeter, artist-in-progress and recovering gypsy! (I’ve lived & travelled everywhere from the US, Europe and Ireland of course). My first book of poetry, 'A Pebble Kissed ' was published in 2010.

At the moment I'm working on another collection of poems, a semi-autobiographical 1980's gay Dublin play and the launch of a new poetry & flash-fiction anthology; Quarto Select.

And it is with 'Quarto Select' that I'm seeking funding to cover publishing, printing and distribution costs. Your participation will help discover & encourage fresh Irish & international writing talent by part-funding a new kind of poetry and flash-fiction anthology published here Dublin –UNESCO City of Literature.

My plan is to publish ‘Quarto Select’ (QS) quarterly, with the first issue QS1 due in January 2013.

QS aims to challenge writers with outwardly simple chains of words which filtered through individual unique interpretation reveal a multitude of creative promise, ideas and opportunities. Together with striking authentic images from participating photographers and digital artists these collected fusions, or ‘worded infusions’ will be forged to form your beautifully bound printed edition of ‘Quarto Select’.

I whole-heartedly believe it will feature rare & interesting, wonderful & remarkable, odd & challenging poetry, prose and images for you to enjoy and love –and it is guaranteed to act as a catalyst for your own wordy exchanges around the kitchen table.

And with the unique inclusion of digital art, which in itself is pushing the boundaries, ‘Quarto Select’ will have a deliciously fascinating quality about it.

As I mentioned, with your special help, money raised will go towards publishing, printing and associated costs. So please act now and be one of the select funders or 'founders' (that 'o' can make all the difference) of ‘Quarto Select’.

Thank you.

Erik Eblana

Why Help?

Well, art and particularly poetry get a lousy deal when it comes to state funding. There’s a tremendous sea of interesting, surprising and valuable writing yet to be discovered. This project gives new writers an outstanding platform to annunciate there work and share in the success of this terrific project. Crowd-funding is a proven, tested solution to this challenge and with your help we can apply this shared dream-achieving to ‘Quarto Select’.



Publication Postponed Until 2013

May I offer my apologies but I feel more time is required to pre-plan the funding campaign before proceeding with the actual Fund:it project. This will enable me to properly gauge support for Quarto Select, make alterations and adjustments and slowly build momentum. Thanks or your support.

First Funder

Many thanks to Lane Ashfeldt as our first 'Quarto Select' funder. 'Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.' Martin Luther King, Jr.

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