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Ragairí Galway - Story of Cromm Cruaich

By Ragairí


The Show:
This year we're in the midst of creating a walkabout performance inspired by the legend of Cromm Cruaich that can take place on the street, at festivals and much more. It involves circus, drumming, theatre and a 2 metre high puppet of Cromm Cruaich. We are also creating everything from scratch such as original Celtic knotwork, warhammers, puppets, costumes...

The Story:
The Fairy Folk have foreseen the awakening of Cromm Cruaich, The Bowed One of the Mound, a bloodthirsty deity who will bring barrenness and desolation to the cattle and fields unless His need for sacrifice is satisfied. The Possessed Drumming, Horn-wielding Druids of Mag Slecht, under the Demon's possession, have descended upon the land to unshackle Him from the hill and release Him from His slumber. However the Fairy Folk are now in search of the hero Macha to drive the Cromm Cruaich back into the Earth with the Mighty Warhammer of Mag Slecht. If The Bowed One is destroyed He will be cast into the Earth and the Fairy Folk shall rejoice, but if He prevails the land will be forever cast in shadow. Can the Fairy Folk find their hero in time?

This story will be enacted by our group in walkabout form with a procession and a final ceremony. This overall takes under an hour.

Our Group:
Our group of 20 friends come from a varied creative background with skills and experience in a range of performance areas. We formed originally to tell the story of Mannanan Mac Lir in the Galway St. Patrick's day parade and enjoyed it so much we wanted to keep recreating Celtic legends in our own format.

Our Funding:
Our group has a minimal resources, maximum result ethos and strive to recycle and reuse as many materials as possible. We have made some basic costumes but want to improve.
Your funding will go to covering the minimum costs of the materials to making and improving the costumes, puppets and props.
Overall our approx. costs are:
- €700 on costumes including hair pieces made at material cost by a local hair and dreadlock artist - The Inked Octopus
- €200 on making a 2m high Cromm Cruaich puppet supported by 3 people (2 people control one arm each). Hair made by the Inked Octopus.
- €100 on the warhammer, drumcovers, banners and small props.
- €500 on drums and horns

This money will enable us to share a full and beautiful Irish performance around the country. The travel costs will be covered in part by the festivals but mainly by the group members.

Over the summer we will be performing at:
- Townlands Carnival, Macroom, Cork, 10th-12th July
- Galway Fringe Festival, along Shop Street ending at Spanish Arch, 12pm, 15th of July
- Knockanstockan, Blessington Lake, Wicklow 24th-25th July
- Sundown Gathering, Waterford, 28th, 29th August
- Elysian Circus, 11th-13th September
and more!

We would really appreciate your support to create this story and thank you!




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