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Red Rag

By Brian F


More people are killed in Ireland by bulls every year than are killed by sharks in Australia. This short film is a thriller set in rural Ireland that tells the story of woman who flees an abusive relationship only to get trapped in her car by a huge bull. It explores themes of domestic violence and features a great female central hero. This is a breakneck paced suspense thriller that oozes tension till the edge of the seat climax. Think "CUJO", with beef.

This money will be spent on Visual FX post production. The shoot is planned for February 2018 and post production is taking place shortly afterward. We are aiming to complete the film by the end of May 2018. The film will premiere in a cinema in Offaly in 2018.

I have worked in film, television and advertising. I have been featured on the Irish Film Board's "Irish Talent on Film" DVD. I have won an award for copy writing and most recently I was awarded the Filmbase / Film Offaly award. I've also had my short films featured in festivals from the Galway Film Fleadh to the Kiev International Film Festival and everywhere in between.

This is not an easy film to shoot. It's outdoor at night with kids and animals. To overcome this I have to rely on an experienced team and everything I've learned over the last ten years of work in film and television.

This has received funding from Film Offaly and private investment but it's not enough to make it. I want to use crowdfunding to raise the extra money needed and to generate a buzz about the project

Sincere thanks for funding this. Without your generosity this wouldn't be possible. Thank you, Brian